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  1. Ummmm... Who would have thought that a Yamaha 8 at full tit would only make 3 knots SOG from the Weiti to northern leading into a 30 knot southerly haha We were on the back foot from minute 1, to add insult to injury the bloody multis seemed to revel in the cracked sheet fetch off the line! Tough luck to Neil on the post race inspection RIB whom missed the 8 day old fluff in my Bellybutton.... Top marks to the SSANZ crew for their safety focus!
  2. That's horrible. What a mint little yacht
  3. Next year it'll still be a knife KM - a big f$&k off Samurai sword though!
  4. Have done so Booboo me boy - maybe next year after a lotto win we'll be in the Sportsboats division bristling with Carbon stick, Square top and ridiculously oversized Gennakers ha ha! For now, we've at least got a couple of other 830's to square up against for the first time.
  5. Soooo just about to enter Shorthaul Div2 as according to the SSANZ notice of race that's the division a Ross 830 should be in, thought I'd have a look at what other 830's are doing the series and found that they are both in Smallboat 2. Along with them are E770 and E7.9. I'm torn now as I have gone and spent money on a PHRF cert and geared up for the longer races which if I go and race Smallboat with the other equal-ish boats to mine will have been a waste, but if I go into the suggested class we won't see which way the Sportsboats went! Limited sail wardrobe, large chillybin and decent ster
  6. Positively self pleasury. Where can I get one?
  7. I remember the ported shroud mounted speaker pods on a Piedy years ago - Rising Damp? Those 6x9's used to punch well above their weight ????????
  8. Register boat this payday, phrf next payday, enter series following payday ha ha
  9. Sick! Missus says "why can't we have a kitchen like that on ours?" Soooooo.... Thanks for that????
  10. Yes I run the lower check stays, for the $$$ involved I'm thinking just give it a go. Just need to find another bit of the same section ????
  11. My 830 is a little underpacking in the wedding tackle department. I put it down to being built as a centerboarder back in the day and therefore being a bit light on righting moment. It's some 500mm shorter than standard. With the new foils and bulb she is woefully underpowered in anything less than 15 knots true and we spend a lot of time down to leeward. An overlapping headsail will go some way towards helping but realistically we need a square top and masthead downwind gear, which the current slender topped noodle would not handle. I have stumbled across an immaculate carbon rig which al
  12. Cheers I'll give him a buzz. Missed out on a mint one in whangarei that was on trade me a while ago for $450. I have a feeling that they may be a few mm long in the leech for cabin top sheeting but really need to hoist one and see.
  13. As title, looking for a larger non overlapping jib for the 830 What have you got? Nigel 022 044 9171
  14. As above, doesn't have to be a glammer but some reasonable life left in it would be great Cheers Nigel 022 044 9171
  15. Yes you could be right there Phil! Either that or just race with fenders out
  16. Want to treat the 830 to some bling kite turning blocks. Going for ratchet, my questions are: 40 or 55mm? I've seen some yachts with the blocks suspended from the lower lifelines by a little bit of shock cord, is there a reason for this other than stopping them scratching your paint? And if this is best practice, do you need to buy ones with a becket? Cheers
  17. OK.... so mums swift looks like it will carry the weight alright - however the overhang is sure to get us a fine. Perhaps that quote from Boat Haulage wasn't too far off the mark?
  18. A Didi 26? Was dead keen on building one of those about 12 years ago but couldn't afford to at the time. Looks great
  19. Like this: http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/multihull/auction-931168629.htm No loan required.
  20. Wow. just.... wow. A four bedroom 78 foot boat? No wonder he can't find a suitable house - may have to lower his sights a little
  21. Ok, so been a bit slack on the updates. Too much fun being had. Long story short - despite all odds she made it in the water the day after Boxing day and went out to the Barrier for a few days whereupon we had the crap kicked out of us over new years. Everyone survived and over the last few months we have made a couple of little trips like Mahurangi regatta and Kawau for Easter weekend. Still bolting things on every time we go out but we are getting there! Anyhow - this weekends achievement was finally making her first racing appearance in over 20 years. We were literally screwing
  22. Have you tried this Neil? - Seems made for the job
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