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  1. Hi guys mooring to rent at Shoal bay Up the north end PM me if keen
  2. 2019 Matakana Catamaran Raid Notice of Race 22nd March 2019 to 24th March 2019 The organising Authority is Tauranga Yacht and Power Boat Club (Inc) (TYPBC) PO Box 14352, Tauranga. Phone (64) 07 578 5512 Fax 07 578 5595 Email office@yacht.org.nz NOTICE OF RACE
  3. Hi guys The Matakana raid 2018 is on the 9th to 11th march good for 16 ft Catamarans and upwards NOR is out so pm me Cheers Lance
  4. Good luck guys , lll do next years race ,ill come out and wave you in
  5. Hi guys we have NOR email me at steel.fab.ltd@gmail .com
  6. He's a look at what goes on at the Matakana raid https://youtu.be/esw_YA6-1EI
  7. Soon as I get the NOR I'll post it keep checking TYPBC web site
  8. Fun weekend away bring the family , we start with a Friday nite rum races on the 3rd march starting at 6pm ,then Saturday we set off with a 4 leg races up to holiday park for the nite , then Sunday we head back to TYPBC finish ,it's open to all small and large catamarans or trimaran see u at TYPBC 3rd march TEAM TIGGER Lance
  9. Cool Booboo hope to catch up again ,think more muithulls are coming to the party lol
  10. Nice we have a 13 year old 10 years and 5 years they love it
  11. Hi TL yes still going ,we are heading up after boxing day ,the water fight starts around 3 pm on 31 for the kids ,it's goes for hours so much fun for the kids a big kids to lol
  12. Hi madyottie yes thats my mooring,its yours for 2k then i can rent it of you lol .
  13. HI guys iv got my own mooring in Tamaki Srait but GOPHER BROKE the GBE is renting it off me !! so maybe we can move boats around
  14. no thanks TL systems , sorry i need water under me thanks for the reply
  15. Hi guys looking for a mooring to rent in auckland for dovetail 40ft catamaran @ 5ton after November 2016 to june 2017 shoal bay cheers Dovetail
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