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  1. Thanks for that info....Motor first....VOOM later!...Thats going to be something to aim for, with my 91 model !
  2. I am honestly flabbergasted at all the insightful and helpful info you have given me.many thanks to all,...its going to be a bit of a cruiser and not a racer I'm afraid!...so Yamaha 4stroke is looking favourite..xtra long shaft!..what do you all mean by Voom, is that another motor option?...Yet again thanks for your help and I'm sure i will be firing a few more questions as they come up...
  3. Hoping to find some useful info on possible outboard motors for my 8.5 GBE, which I'm restoring to its former glory..any advice would be gratefully recd! Transom height to water level is 400mm, will I need extra long (650mm) or do you think 562mm will be enough length? Any additional advice on hp would be a bonus Cheers... Quentin
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