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  1. Anyone keen to join? Im looking for a dive buddy. Plan is 2x dives on air to max 30m. This is a rec dive with minimum penetration (if any). We will be anchored nearby and will cruise over in the dinghy. Suitable for reasonably experienced/qualified divers only due to depth. Cheers
  2. I reckon that's how it should be - freedive only, and then the deeper beds seed the shallower beds. For now banning dredging is a good start. We could say the same thing about paua, is it fair that the only divers who can get them are the ones who can hold their breath? If you can afford a boat you can afford to buy some scallops. Seafood gathering is a privilege and one that needs to be enjoyed sustainably. That at least as valid for the commercial crews/customary fishers too IMO.
  3. Good to see some action being taken on the lack of scallops. There is some real pressure on banning dredges and now this. https://legasea.co.nz/2020/12/17/coromandel-locals-restoration-plan-for-scallops/
  4. Ill just leave this here. What an amazing experience .
  5. Done. There ain't gonna be anything left for the next generation at this rate
  6. We had a 2 stroke 15hp yammy on jetstream. Great motor imo.
  7. Ive had my bahco socket set for ages and for mechanical work it comes in super handy. About the only complaint is that 1/2" socket tools are too big to fit for spark plug removal but i have an old 3/8s one i keep for that purpose with a couple extensions. https://m.tradetested.co.nz/p/tools-hardware/hand-tools/sockets-spanners/bahco-94-piece-1-4-1-2-drive-socket-spanner-set?gclsrc=aw.ds&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0YD4BRD2ARIsAHwmKVnWEVTmCV7r3hah0oeUFbefz5nvxvsEk5GIoLACUZRY7faVDQmkP58aAsSDEALw_wcB
  8. Hey all. We are starting to plan a trip to the 3 kings next summer. Do you have any advice about this? When is the most settled weather? The plan is for some fishing/spearfishing/diving. I need to shoot me a 30+kg kinghy TIA
  9. That's a good idea The link i shared showed a snake that won't bend, they are designed to go through large diameter duct and physically couldn't double over itself in the mast. They have a large bend radius and would need a big force to snap. Can you not take the sheave out and then push the rod in from the top?
  10. You could use that, but those have a tendency to wrap around while being pushed down a large diameter tube, YMMV. A vac can work really well if there aren't any significant holes between vac and entry point. Failing that you could try a fibreglass snake, eg https://firstchoicecomms.com.au/product/fibreglass-snake-100m-reel-4mm/. if you know a linesman they might be able to loan you one for some beers. Years ago I used to hire them from the likes of hirepool, but nowdays I use a vac + bag + stringline for long pulls through big ducts. If I was you I would try the vac option first.
  11. Hey guys. Just checking in. We are chilling out, anchored outside russell. There are going to be fireworks and the kids are stoked as. This has been our first boi trip and we love the place. How are your new years?
  12. Thanks for the replies. The boat had just been serviced by the yanmar agents, so I think that insurance would have a hard time saying that we were negligent. Also I would rather base my decisions on actual risk instead of hypothetical situations. Some other brand sail drives only use 1 seal and seem to be surviving ok. After having a further look today I think that the inner diaphragm was never installed properly as I cant find the inner steel band. I'm not sure if this contributed to the tearing, but we have carried this risk since buying the boat and it has been ok. Regardless, I thi
  13. The inner seal is the one that is cracked. I assume its purpose is some kind of backup for the outer seal. I haven't checked the alarm yet, but there's no water to trip it at this stage. We are hauling out next week to anti foul, so that could be an ideal time to do it. Is it a case of pulling the prop off the sd, then the sd off of the engine, then sd out of the boat, fix it and reinstall?
  14. Hi guys We have recently discovered that the diaphragm B in our yanmar sd20 sail drive has split (see pic). It isn't leaking any water, so I assume diaphragm A is still solid. I have a few questions: Have any of you replaced these diaphragms? If so how much did it cost and how difficult was it? How risky do you think it is to continue using the boat like this? Do you think the local Yanmar dealer should have picked this up in their recent service? Thanks
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