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  1. +1 to this. I managed to sort our old code 0 facnor furler by stripping it down, cleaning and relubing everything. It's still working fine some years later.
  2. Is it definitely oil fouling and not fuel? What's the oil level like? Could the piston rings be buggered? If fuel: Choke on for too long? Starting on open throttle?
  3. I support a total ban on scallops until their numbers are back up. Something has to be done. I like the idea of research into why they have decreased so much. I would love it if this research investigated the efficacy of a total ban on dredging too. I've said for a long time that we need scallops to be freedive only, like paua. Then the deep scallops seed the shallower ones and the beds can't get decimated like they do now. I know this is unlikely to happen unfortunately. If anyone (commercial or customary) can take a particular seafood, then every nz resident had a right to ta
  4. Good to hear. When I install a stereo I normally wire the first speaker in, then add the rest in one at a time. For the other speakers I figure out how to wire by playing a bass heavy song and changing the polarity to figure out which way sounds better. I find the best way to do this is to use the fader/balance adjustment - if bass goes up as speaker brought in then it's good if not it's bad. Sometimes it's not that easy to tell. Acoustics is a really complicated topic and this is a basic way of getting the best sound from a budget system. If you have the coin then a full time alignm
  5. No offense, but that's not how it works. When both speakers push out = high pressure, when both speakers suck in= low pressure. If one pushes out when the other pulls in = no pressure. Swap the polarity to one of the speakers and I'll bet you will get your bass back. Plenty of boats have speakers facing each other and sound ok (mine included).
  6. I believe that fusion do 8.8" speakers. That could be an option if they fit? 0.2" is only 5mm so most likely would be a straightforward swap as long as you had the room for the extra height. They would crank too!
  7. Have you checked that the polarity is right for the speakers? Also +1 for the signature range fusion. I installed 2x7.7" and 2x6.5" with amp and new bt remote into mates fizz boat the other day. It cranked hard enough that he decided not to buy a sub
  8. We love our manson supremes. Had one on Jetstream and one currently on pork chop. Digs into sand like crazy and resets quick as. We bought a new one last year (35lb with 20m chain) and when sussing options the boys at CRA reckoned the rocna wasn't as good as it used to be. Oh and you couldn't pay me enough to put a plow on my bow!
  9. Anyone keen to join? Im looking for a dive buddy. Plan is 2x dives on air to max 30m. This is a rec dive with minimum penetration (if any). We will be anchored nearby and will cruise over in the dinghy. Suitable for reasonably experienced/qualified divers only due to depth. Cheers
  10. I reckon that's how it should be - freedive only, and then the deeper beds seed the shallower beds. For now banning dredging is a good start. We could say the same thing about paua, is it fair that the only divers who can get them are the ones who can hold their breath? If you can afford a boat you can afford to buy some scallops. Seafood gathering is a privilege and one that needs to be enjoyed sustainably. That at least as valid for the commercial crews/customary fishers too IMO.
  11. Good to see some action being taken on the lack of scallops. There is some real pressure on banning dredges and now this. https://legasea.co.nz/2020/12/17/coromandel-locals-restoration-plan-for-scallops/
  12. Ill just leave this here. What an amazing experience .
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