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  1. Thanks for the replies, all helpful.


    With the tack line attached to the bow roller and winched all the way down we seem to be able to sail to 60 degrees apparent wind. Should we be able to tweek this further? Would having it recut to have a shorter luff so it could be tightened further help?image.jpeg

  2. I have hesitated before posting this as some may find this to be the stupidist question ever. But. I have a South Pacific 42 and it came with a gennaker which I have never used before. When using it the pulpit at the bow is in the way of the bottom tack line.

    Is it a sensible idea to attach the spinnaker pole to the bow in order to get the bottom corner clear of the pulpit?

  3. My understanding of the "overdrive" feature is that to engage, you motor along in forward gear.  Then, pretty much slam it into reverse before the prop has a chance to reset.  Seemed hard on the gearbox when I witnessed it.


    Wrong way round. You engage reverse gear (low revs) then kinda slam it into forward gear. This engages the overdrive. There are some good utube videos of how it works. My understanding is that it gives you essentially a different pitch to your prop.

    We have one and basically seems to give more bite in the water for less revs. Great for manouvering around the marina.

  4. One of the Gulf Harbour rocks is in the fairway that leads to the travel lifts. But management dont seem to care. You would have thought that the management would at least want the area with the most boat traffic to be safe.

    I wonder if it was something that affected their buddies in the drystacks that something would be done real quick to fix it.

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