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  1. Great Barrier Express entered. Should be fun. Last did this race on Young88
  2. Great Barrier Express now owned by Denis Loftus, Emily Flynn and Douglas Clayton. Moored up at the Mighty Panmure Yacht Club
  3. So 250 mm long x 30 mm at widest point. Casing is 800 mm deep.
  4. So 250 mm long x 30 mm at widest point. Casing is 800 mm deep.
  5. What size is the rudder. Cord length front to back is 250mm. We can always do a bit of reshaping. Cheers
  6. Someone decided they needed the Rudder Foil off GBE on Friday more than I do. Does anyone know where there might be a Rudder I can get hold of. We are going back in the water on Sunday at 6.30am. The cord length is 250mm. My number is 0211906348
  7. Now we have brought Great Barrier Express I am pretty sure wife and kids will want to do Mahurangi
  8. Putting back in the water 29th about 7.00 am then off to Panmure. Bit of stuff to do this weekend. Family very happy to have a boat again
  9. Just brought GBE. We will get her back into great nick. Bit of work is all it takes.
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