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  1. Looks similar to the $500 EPIRB battery I dismantled, except waterproof and 1/10th the price.
  2. Are these the same engineers who said “it’s strong enough” before? the rapid changes in forces between the foil section and bow section on those foiling boats must be mental at 20knots.
  3. We caught a turtle at Mayor island on a fishing rod about 15 years ago. True story. We had a boat load of witnesses. DOC told us to let it go as it was not unknown for them to follow the warm currents down here. I guess the concern is that it’s early in the season for the warm currents to be here.
  4. Addem

    Boat Names

    Didn’t the Germans charter a tornado for the world champs at takapuna last year called Massive Dong? I thought they must have missed the translation and then were glad they didn’t win so they weren’t splashed all over the world media with it.
  5. Addem

    Boat Names

    The first 3 Elliott 10.5’s were called Pig hunter The Butcher (now squealer) Pork Chop We want to change Pork Chop to Tusker
  6. Looks great in flat water. How will it go going down a big sea at 30knots and ploughing into the back of the next wave? incredible to even think about it.
  7. This is an enjoyable commentary. Better than the official one. Have your coffee in hand... https://www.youtube.com/c/SeawolvesTV
  8. Addem

    Says it all...

    Same old, same old. If they have individual details they can give benefits like the discount card, demonstrate to some Government organization they are representing us well. In my opinion none of it is valid if their constituency is clubs. what they really want it for is to access more funding for high performance by demonstrating they are gender and age diverse. BTW the new Privacy Act comes into force on 1st December and clubs supplying personal member info to YNZ without express permission will be a breach.
  9. Addem

    Says it all...

    I was at the AGM and Haven’t seen the draft minutes. I asked that the board be directed to consider the double payment of subs and I proposed a simple Method to do this but was rebuffed on the basis That: a) people make their own choice to join two or more clubs and b) the”members” of YNZ are the clubs not individuals. nek minute we were discussing why getting individuals details like DOB, gender and ethnicity was important...hmm big contradiction there.
  10. SJB that is amazing. Can you start a new thread and So we can follow your build?
  11. Best I can tell, schooner is an Americanism from 18th century to describe the fast ships that race around Cape Horn from east to west. there are lots of words in Dutch german and English that appear to be cognate with it, most notably the scot word ‘Scon’ “ to skip like stone”. But the best sources think it’s Most likely to have been derived from slang. It is first attested in New England literature. the Dutch word Schoener is confirmed as having been picked up from English so that is not the origin. nobody knows why the glass of beer is called a schooner but ever
  12. Cheers Fogg. I’m great fun at parties too...
  13. Not wanting to sound too anal but.... most of our nautical terms are from old Norse (vikings) or Dutch. A scete was the name of a sail and old English had it as SceteLine. It was shortened to Scete and then shifted to Shete in old English (the same way Skiff and skirt from Dutch/Norse Shifted to ship and shirt) I don’t know about Rhumb but the Rh at the start looks Latin Halyard is easier. It’s Rnhlish from Haul Yard. I just thought You’d like to know.
  14. This YouTube clip may help. It may be too later but if you look at episode 85 from the middle of it you’ll see how he handled the same problem with a swing keel.- it looked easy
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