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  1. Geez guys....relax and enjoy it. What a vista being transmitted to the world. Only problem is even more of them will want to come here. Govt. has had its $35 million worth and Grant Dalton's vision is proved. What a bargain
  2. Yeah...it's the effect of concentration in one place that concerns me ,if that wasn't clear
  3. Chickens coming home to roost. Another hidden cost of suburban infill and high rise as the planners strive for an urban utopia where you live work and play in a confined area,carless AND controlled .But because the pipe is hidden and most won't see the discharge it's OK. Bad luck for the environment but as it won't be seen it'll be OK. The concept is fatally flawed but what the hell . They have the degrees in planning and won't be around to suffer the consequences of their mistakes
  4. Cheer up mate. It'll only get worse. And better,much better and then worse again repeat repeat repeat. Welcome to the world of boat ownership. Beats mowing lawns and reading world cruising books though
  5. Yeah...we tip ???? is it Jeyes fluid in Barrier ,Whangaroa & Manganui water. Tastes OK & apparently ( less danger than Covid as we havent died) potable
  6. You're right AJ. But under the new way Government of Jacinderella it's kindness, understanding, education and reward. The land of milk and honey.It's why the world is beating a path to our door. We even pay for certain sectors of the population to get a drivers license. .Fully expect that soon the blowflies of the ocean will get the same consideration
  7. Aw c'mon Zozza. Of course it wasn't Jacinderella's fault. Anyone can see that it was the National partys' fault for creating a financial environment where people who want to get off their tails can make enough money to pay taxes to keep Jacindas mob and have a bit more to buy a launch that unfortunately hit a reef thereby providing more opportunity for those with the handout mentality to take a bit more !
  8. My comments about fairness are not meant to indicate my preference.It was to point out that if the Govt. regulates ,as it should do,the dredgers are going to claim victimisation etc. etc..My preference is obviously dive only and I'm not a diver.
  9. Yeah...we get around there occasionally and would also support. BUT...it's OK for divers but how about those boats who don't ,can't ,won't dive. Is that fair ? I've seen the damage dredges to the beds...So a total ban is good while the powers that be work on the fairness and equity thing for non diving recreational boaties
  10. Just submit " no wash"...it doesn't matter what speed.In any event consultation is meaningless. The decision has already been made.Consultation is a feelgood token to democracy so that us minions can feel like we've been involved....when we haven't !!!
  11. As Jon says buy the one that specs up and pay the extra.It'll end up a bargain and if you look after it you'll be able to sell it easier for the same reason.
  12. Trimaran in Pittwater....very quick....Bluey Zarzoff !
  13. Go for it KM.The snowflakes deserve that. I've got similar stupidity going on at the moment.I'll take your line I think.Where theres a traceable trail they already have the info they need. Gross invasion of privacy but hey,thats what a minority of NZ voted for ...and they think they're a majority.!!!!!
  14. The heading to this forum says "opening up communication with YNZ".If you haven't noticed it's mostly one way communication. Guys & gals they're ignoring the rank and file who mainly pay the compulsory subs. Double and triple dipping to add insult to injury.We are their servants now. Wouldn't it be great if your business was run on these lines.? Apart from the 5 ring circus the system's broke. They just lie low and let the storm from Crew blow over each time. Bah humbug but'll come to a screeching halt when one storm eventually intensifies
  15. Wasn't the MacRobertson family who wrota book about 119 days in a raft with a dinghy after being rammed by Orca decades ago ?
  16. Yep...the silence from YNZ is deafening. They ignore this thread and hope it will thus, go away. But whilst the rhetoric might do that the sore festers. They must be really hurting financially with Covid consequences, maintaining the empire and losing this years expected income from the 5 ring circus. As an ordinary yacht club member making multiple contributions to their coffers I've yet to see any direct benefits. But our fees are their retainer. Great work (pun intended) if you can get it
  17. Jim Young had one.2.7m if I recall. If you were energetic & looking for something to do.......
  18. This is what happens when the guvmit deals in OPIUM. Other Peoples Money ! It's called theft in other situations . Not you KM .The guvmit. They gotta go
  19. It's all about supply and demand. More demand ,less supply equals a screwing. Stand by to get screwed like KM says. Drive all the stakes in you like but if there's someone waiting to take your place it doesn't count. Panuku's meeting is only window dressing to placate the Council. Like Council consultation it is a waste of time but ticks boxes for so called democracy. Get with the programme people.
  20. Are you nominating for YNZ then ?
  21. Not only not for profit organisations . Many business's turn out to be not for profit for shareholders ! But CEO's & Staff cream it. And don't overlook substantial Directors fees
  22. It's a great lurk if you can get it. Boards of Directors do policy, drawn up by the CEO & Staff which gets rubber stamped by said Board . Then go to conferences, that are in reality junkets.Staff then do more or less what they like, CEO keeps Board happy & we (the people) pay and obey. Very rarely does this system come unstuck, like Jenny Shipley, but when it does its spectacular. Everyone runs for cover . YNZ will unravel and the momentum has started.
  23. Just like all secret societies. They can ignore the peasants for so long and then.....revolution. It 's like Rachael's hair.It won't happen overnight but it will happen
  24. My brother belongs to Mt.Maunganui Fishing Club which is part of Mt.Ocean Sports Club. The other clubs are Mt.Dive Club and Mt.Yacht Club. Apparently Mt.Yacht Club has the cheapest subs of the 3 so all the social members join the YC at $70 a head. YNZ thus cleans up around $30 each from these social members ...about 200 of them he tells me or about $6000 . Obviously the closest these members get to the water is when they are at the bar. (clubhouse is built out over the water). Nice work if you can get it. See why YNZ is hanging on in there. Look at their salary bill largely funding the 5 ring
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