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    johnMi got a reaction from smithy09 in Dean will be around a while yet.   
    I reckon Deans being screwed unfairly here.
    Maybe he needs to step aside, but he has been loyal to NZ (at a time that everyone else was out for themselves) and should be treated fairly
    Who from the TNZ heirarchy leaked this.
    I hope if Dean is scrapped, he takes TNZ with him.
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    johnMi reacted to Clipper in one down! one to go...   
    No it doesn't, not by a long long way. Lack of replies is due to lack of desire to engage with you and what rapidly becomes repetitive bullshit. Basically, whether they agree with you or not, people don't care what you think.
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    johnMi got a reaction from Clipper in R2AK   
    maybe I should just pack up PE and we do it in her, set up some rowing machines on each ama...
    nothing to loose
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