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  1. I have read 'Trial by Tasman' a couple of times. Such an iconic race for genuine hearty sailors!
  2. Common sense shouldn't go out the window just because of a virus. Do you think an immigration policy should be based on rational sound thinking or nonsensical hysterical paranoia?
  3. Fair call.. I hadn't read any of their back story. In saying that it is still a pretty sh*t position to be in espiecially if that is their main asset. How does it negatively effect us if they turn up in NZ already quarantined and leave their boat with a broker to fly back to the UK?
  4. Apparently the average spend of these cruisers is 50k. 400 x 50k is $20 million. Thats a lot of dosh that would be much appreciated by our marine industry. “We just can’t get our heads around why they're not letting the cruising boats in, to be honest. There are 400 boats - it's a hell of a lot of boats and a hell of a lot of money,” business owner Peter Boyd said. Far North Holdings says isolation requirements are not difficult. “The procedures we'd like to see in place are that they travel and isolate for their full 14 days," he said. "We have a testing s
  5. Seems a rather callous and disrespectfull way of describing an article on a family who recently lost a child. I have relatives who lost their kid in a tragic accident a few years back. Something you never get over. This family just want to come to NZ, sell their boat and go home to the UK to try and rebuild their lives. "Every time I go out in the cockpit and look over I remember the scene, seeing my son floating in the water unconscious and probably dead by that time, being dragged by a woman who recovered him." Not sure how that doesn't tick the humanitarian box.
  6. Not far to go now. I will miss reading his updates. He is such a likeable, capable and inspiring chap.
  7. Sabre


    I find it hard to believe that the same man that built something as beautiful as Ngataki also built that!
  8. I read a post from Lin Pardey yesterday saying that kiwi cruisers returning to NZ can quarantine on their boat as long as their passage is 11 days or more. This could easily be applied to foreign cruisers. No sweat no hassle. She said she would have slowed down had she known as she has just completed four days government quarantine.
  9. I thought that looked cheap. The pics I saw didn't look like GoP to me. Were any lotus' even made with ply? Seller may have been confused/inexperienced?
  10. Have lots of money = Mount Eden prison and deportation. Have obscene amounts of money = red carpet. Not a good look
  11. Looks like Macgyver has got his engine running. Currently motoring across Hawkes bay 👍
  12. My emotions are just fine and dandy thank you Fish. You asked for my opinion even though it is already well stated. There it is. You are still trying to over complicate a very simple issue imo.
  13. No I don't have to, yes and yes and I already have 🤘 I have made my thoughts very clear. Your stance imo is ludicrous. Suggesting yachts and crew could simply head home around the horn even just to make a nonsensical point is beyond ridiculous. Contrary to your post, to the best of my recollection no one has stated that coming to NZ is the ONLY option for the cruisers however it is probably the safest, simplist and most sensible option. I wonder if you were sitting in the cockpit having a nice cold beer with some of these cruisers if you would be happy to make the same sugg
  14. More due to paranoid hysteria than any reality.
  15. Because the media said it? Apparently they were supposed to know exactly how this covid thing would pan out including how every country would manage their border six months into the future as well.
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