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  1. What mast steps are those? Aluminium? I would like to add some to my mast but there only seems to be nylon steps readily available in NZ and I'm not too sure about their longevity.
  2. Looks bloody solid. Can't be anything major?
  3. So standard yacht maintanance formula applies. Time, effort and expense expected x 5?
  4. I actually feel sorry for the security guard. I bet he regretted it as soon as he done it but like I say everyone has their limits.
  5. I think that must of been my post.. looks like its gone now. Fair nuff. From memory I think I said I would have done the same or words to that effect. Everyone has their breaking point and those protestors are relentlessly baiting these poor chaps in the hope of getting exactly that type of response as it gets massive media attention. Not sure why the cops aren't dealing with these situations. It shouldn't be up to security to uphold the law.
  6. I find that very hard to believe. When I was deciding how to paint my boat I looked at a friends boat that he had rolled and tipped 15ish years earlier and it still looked mint... to me it looked like perfect gelcoat.
  7. Congrats! Only two boats in an AC race too...
  8. On the face of it, it seems like it could be a hard sell. Valencia is still paying off the 2007 event... https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/americas-cup/125516573/americas-cup-valencia-mayor-cool-on-hosting-bid-with-20m-hangover
  9. I feel the same even though I am prone to strong bouts of nostalgia for the old displacement boats What about a scaled down version of what they have now? 50 footers with a spending cap? It would potentially open the door to lots more challengers.
  10. I absolutely understand that opinion however I don't think that it is fair or correct to assume that people with different values, principles and priorities should be labelled as obsessed or resentful of someones wealth. My position (at this point in time), is simply that in the pursuit of more $ Dalton is changing the image of the AC, (from a kiwi perspective) which is likely to turn off a lot of supporters including me.
  11. An unhealthy obsession. He is choosing to turn his back on NZ for more money than he could ever spend over continuing to support the country that has supported him and still having more money than he could ever spend.
  12. TNZ created a brand around words like "loyalty" and actively encouraged a sense of ownership among NZers including millions of non sailors. NZ changed the AC scene and broke the image that it was simply a pissing contest for the world richest men. GD now wants to take it back to that. Is it really suprising that many are somewhat dissapointed?
  13. "a healthy living" I nearly choked on my dinner
  14. I am sure TNZ have far better business minds than mine but that doesn't mean this new direction is the right one. Just a shame that the public backed, No.8 wire, underdog TNZ of old is gone. I have little to no interest in this new direction Dalton wants to take it. Ah well it was good while it lasted.
  15. I wonder if their brand will still be worth $99m if things don't pan out overseas?
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