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  1. It would be good to see some progress photos. Do you have any cabinet building experience?
  2. You have to wonder how many waterways were 'unswimable' 1000 years ago from the enormous biomass of birds living in NZ. A single cormorant can defecate approximately 4 g of nitrogen and 2.5 g of phosphorus daily.
  3. And just one silly prat of a man who the clickbait media just love to get comments from is responsible for most of the damage to NZ's reputation. 99% of the anti farming drivel is pushed by this irrational idealist. Every article you read with headlines such as "government ignores water expert" is refering to this one man. There are other much more pragmatic and competent freshwater ecologists that are working with farmers but they don't attract the 'clicks'. The reality isn't as bad as even the below headline suggests. Why doesn't the headline say "water quality decline has been hal
  4. Does anyone else find it ironic that people who have/are increasing the biomass of the planet while spending a big chunk of their day doing this and whos waterways look like this think that these guys are the environmental terrorists?
  5. Just like the Waikato river is considered swimable above Hamilton city. https://www.waikatoregion.govt.nz/environment/natural-resources/water/rivers/waikato-river/how-clean-is-the-waikato-river/
  6. White clover still fixes more N than what farmers apply so why didn't you post stats on that? N fertiliser use is actually a very small part of the issue. Used strategically there is very little leaching. The science on this has come forward in leaps and bounds in the last few years. The bigger issue is typically winter management of stock. Cow urine can have a concentration of 1000kg of N/ha (typical N fert application is 30kg) and this is at a time when the soil temp is so low that plants aren't able to absorb it so it is lost into the water table. I know of several corporate
  7. Funny how many peoples enthusiam for environmental issues evaporate when it comes to their own back yard. Councils all around NZ are doing things that would make your average farmer look like a sandal wearing tree hugging fruit loop. But shhhhhhhh.. to fix those things would mean rates will have to go up 300%. Its way easier to attack soft targets like farmers and it means they can still puff out their chests and feel like they are going in to bat for the environment.
  8. I am well aware of where nitrates are coming from. I spent a year studying environmental sciences so while I may only have a basic grasp of the science involved its a bit more than the average FB/media educated numpty. If people want to be part of positive change then perhaps join or create a local catchment group. Go and talk to farmers and ask what they are doing to improve environmental outcomes. Ask them what changes they have made to their farming practices in the last 5-10 years. Carefull though you may get roped into helping plant some stream margins in the springtime. There i
  9. The Land management officer that I liase with told me that very often high ecoli levels are traced back to wetlands full of birds. I guess it is ok for wildlife to cause minor polution but not the people feeding the planet? Unfortunately the anti farming FB educated numpties fall for the media's clickbait bullshit time and time again. Just a FYI if Dr Mike Joy has anything to do with an article it will be thoroughly unrealistic and idealistic drivel.
  10. Smartmarine are very good at listing items cheaper than burnsco but are unable to provide. They have been (and still are) running a great special on offshore hatches for several years now but have been out of stock the whole time. Not unique to just hatches either and not a marketing ploy I choose to support.
  11. There are some really big positives to going electric and making the switch is very, very tempting! Quiet and simple to maintain being the most obvious pro's but as soon as a generator/genset is added then aren't those benifits lost and in fact increase the complexity? Day sailing from a plug in marina seems viable but I just don't see it working well on a typical cruising yacht (yet).
  12. So whats the moral of the story?
  13. https://henleyspropellers.com/
  14. Ok that was worth watching! More of that please
  15. I did and its not
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