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  1. Apologies for the thread drift.. I have given myself a good telling off and will now stay on topic
  2. Yea I saw the very obvious and lazy way you were going with that but I thought your argument was that people with unrelated experience are capable of getting things done? I can't comment much else on Cave Creek however as I have never built a viewing platform. I was involved in a large scale pest control programme that demonstrated that managing pests by trapping over vast areas was not only effective but cheaper than using 1080. But hey if you think layers of beuracracy of people with no real experience or practical understanding of whats happening on the coal face is the way f
  3. Sabre

    2GM20F value?

    Apparently a new 2ym15 + gearbox is around 14.5k. Unfortunately my boat is currently a long way from the ocean for sea trialling but I could offer some sort of rtb warranty. The only reason I am thinking of selling is to downsize to a 1gm as the 2gm is a bit shoehorned into the little raven.
  4. What a very odd take on things. It reminds me of when I was contracting to DoC. When the old bushman, ex cullers etc, were in senior management things got done. They understood the real world implications of their decisions. I then watched as uni kids slowly took over the management roles and work output became measured in emails sent. No one could go in the bush anymore without someone holding their hand and having to comply with rediculous, impractical H&S bullshit. Practical productivity died. Bloody shame.
  5. Possibly considering selling my 2GM20F and gearbox. Fitted approx 2007. 680hrs. New exhaust elbow 18ish months ago. Can anyone give me an indication of its value?
  6. Hopefully he uses the time for some self reflection and comes out a better human.
  7. 30:1 is what is currently taught at NZ First aid courses although last year the breath had been suspended due to covid risks even for ambo staff.
  8. Sabre


    What did the rudder come off? And did you find an old rudder tube hiding in the back of your boat?
  9. To be honest the toe rails weren't as bad as I expected given that they had probably been there for 40yrs but like everything very time consuming. I rolled the broader areas as they were getting covered with Kiwigrip anyway and brushed the rest. Not perfect but I'm happy with it. I aim for tidy and practical rather than super yacht. When you get the application right that altex does come up mint.
  10. Thanks Winter. I removing all the deck gear including the toe rails. I then sanded off all the molded gelcoat non slip (big job) Ground out any redundent holes and filled and faired with west system epoxy. Primed with altex barrier undercoat and painted with altex elite. I then masked and lightly sanded the altex elite for the Kiwigrip to key to. A sh*t load of work but it should be worth it in the long run.
  11. Nice productive weekend. Its taken awhile but I'm finally getting a bit of momentum going with this refit..
  12. I agree with the above. Make sure it is safe and seaworthy and go sailing.
  13. Sincerest condolences. That must of been tough. How did it happen?
  14. Sabre


    To go back to an original style rudder would mean removing the extended skeg.
  15. Sabre


    It looks like your hull has been modified, probably when built, to accomodate a stern hung rudder.
  16. Don't even joke about that sh*t
  17. +1 And thank you IT for sharing your all your knowledge and your passion for sailing over the years. Cheers
  18. It would be good to see some progress photos. Do you have any cabinet building experience?
  19. Smartmarine are very good at listing items cheaper than burnsco but are unable to provide. They have been (and still are) running a great special on offshore hatches for several years now but have been out of stock the whole time. Not unique to just hatches either and not a marketing ploy I choose to support.
  20. There are some really big positives to going electric and making the switch is very, very tempting! Quiet and simple to maintain being the most obvious pro's but as soon as a generator/genset is added then aren't those benifits lost and in fact increase the complexity? Day sailing from a plug in marina seems viable but I just don't see it working well on a typical cruising yacht (yet).
  21. https://henleyspropellers.com/
  22. Ok that was worth watching! More of that please
  23. I did and its not
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