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  1. Probably repeating what others have said but here is my 2 cents. Budget here is certainly the biggest constraint. All yachts are projects but in that budget range most will become overwelmingly demanding of your time and money. Dealing with breakages, poor systems and an unreliable motor will take all the fun out of sailing for you, and more importantly, your family. There is the odd boat that comes along that would fit your criteria but you will have to be patient. I have seen the occasional Compass 790 and Raven that would fit the bill but nothing currently that I know of. I w
  2. Geez you have really out done yourself with that stunningly spectacular bit of KMism waffle! Well done you 👍
  3. I know if it were me on that jetski I wouldnt be 100% confident that I would pick up on a small head or someone surfacing while snorkeling hence why there are rules around speeds close to shore and other boats. There is plenty of water about for everyone so no need to be fanging it metres away from other boats.
  4. If you took the title of this thread litterally then maybe you have had a little too much internet?
  5. You escalated that quickly!!! I didn't get that sort of vibe from this thread and I'm really not sure why you did? That aside, a little person swimming behind the boat wouldn't stand a chance if this guy comes hurtling along unannounced. I personally have nothing against jetskis and have even considered getting one myself for fishing (perfect for getting over the shallow bar where we keep our caravan) but they need to be operated sensibly so that they don't excessively impact on other peoples enjoyment of the water. At our regular holiday spot I would say about 70% of the j
  6. Sabre

    New to sailing

    One or two sails with someone experienced will give you the basics and from there it is just a matter of building your own experience and confidence. Practice reefing and give plenty of thought to contingency plans for various scenarios. If you have the right aptitude and enough free time you could be "fair weather" coastal cruising in no time at all. Buy a well prepared boat or be prepared to spend significant time and money preparing it yourself. When you are on your own you really need everything to work as it should or your confidence will be rattled. I grew up dinghy saili
  7. I reakon it would be a goer. No smell apparently which makes sense. https://www.morganscloud.com/2008/05/18/pvc-pipe/
  8. And another.... [FLASH NEWS] At 1900 UTC Sam Davies (Initiatives Cœur) informed her team that she hit an unidentified object. She is slowly heading north and is inspecting her boat to assess damages. Sam is safe and uninjured. #VG2020
  9. Great outcome. At one stage it sounded like he was a goner when they lost contact. Do these boats have a minimum weight?
  10. If he didn't have bad luck he would have no luck at all.
  11. Wow that is good to know.
  12. Are they really produced market specific? I would have thought registering the epirb with beacons.org.nz would make where it came from irrelevant?
  13. Seems that they may have pushed the envelope a bit too far. According to the engineers the repair should be as strong or stronger than before. Personally I would be wanting to hear the engineers say "significantly stronger than before"
  14. Syndicate owned Piedy would surely be the best bang for buck.
  15. Sabre


    Well thats that decision sorted. Many thanks for the feedback 👍
  16. Sabre


    Is it worth looking at anything else? Everyone seems to use it all over the world and the price seems ok but that is about the extent of my knowledge on the subject...
  17. Love the multiple thread drifts! The OCD's must be having conniptions!!!
  18. I have read 'Trial by Tasman' a couple of times. Such an iconic race for genuine hearty sailors!
  19. Common sense shouldn't go out the window just because of a virus. Do you think an immigration policy should be based on rational sound thinking or nonsensical hysterical paranoia?
  20. Fair call.. I hadn't read any of their back story. In saying that it is still a pretty sh*t position to be in espiecially if that is their main asset. How does it negatively effect us if they turn up in NZ already quarantined and leave their boat with a broker to fly back to the UK?
  21. Apparently the average spend of these cruisers is 50k. 400 x 50k is $20 million. Thats a lot of dosh that would be much appreciated by our marine industry. “We just can’t get our heads around why they're not letting the cruising boats in, to be honest. There are 400 boats - it's a hell of a lot of boats and a hell of a lot of money,” business owner Peter Boyd said. Far North Holdings says isolation requirements are not difficult. “The procedures we'd like to see in place are that they travel and isolate for their full 14 days," he said. "We have a testing s
  22. Seems a rather callous and disrespectfull way of describing an article on a family who recently lost a child. I have relatives who lost their kid in a tragic accident a few years back. Something you never get over. This family just want to come to NZ, sell their boat and go home to the UK to try and rebuild their lives. "Every time I go out in the cockpit and look over I remember the scene, seeing my son floating in the water unconscious and probably dead by that time, being dragged by a woman who recovered him." Not sure how that doesn't tick the humanitarian box.
  23. Not far to go now. I will miss reading his updates. He is such a likeable, capable and inspiring chap.
  24. Sabre


    I find it hard to believe that the same man that built something as beautiful as Ngataki also built that!
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