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  1. I’ve got a yellow one from Burnsco with pretty much the same solar and battery capacity as you. Seems to work ok.
  2. Check out the “outboard”
  3. Also think about any sheaves in the mast. I had a sheave that would never have taken rope. In the end, I was able to grind away the inside of the mast to fit a bigger sheave.
  4. Interesting....does the wind blow them around more than a normal one? I have one of those cheap Warehouse inflatable boats for a dinghy and that’s horrible to row.
  5. Has anyone used one? Do they row ok? Looking at one for kids to muck around in.
  6. You used to be able to buy a yellow Gelcoat repair bottle. I'm sure that would suit for the hull?
  7. Just to update all, after a few months of me fluffing around triple checking my measurements I ordered. Sail took about 3 weeks to be made and arrived in a week (4 days early). I put it on the boat last weekend to make sure all looked fine. Initial thoughts are, it fits and has a lovely shape to it. As for quality, I don’t know as I only have a baggy old one to compare to. Time will tell I guess. I found the guy (Michael) to be very helpful through the whole process. Going from fixed to loose foot I had some concerns and questions around changes to fitting it etc and he was more th
  8. I drive past this every morning, it’s in the construction yard on the new southern motorway. I shed a tear every time I look at it.
  9. Well I got the hammerrite on today, pretty easy to apply and the hammered finish is quite fun to watch going off. If I’m feeling enthusiastic next winter I might try doing the whole trailer. Thanks for the suggestion
  10. My main was a PITA when I first got it, 6 monthly spray with dry glide fixed half the issues overnight.
  11. Harry, that says to apply direct to rust...presume you can apply to non-rusted as well? I’ve also been told White Knight Rust Guard is good...at $200 a can you’d hope so!
  12. I’ve got a few rusty spots on my trailer to clean up (mostly under the plank used to walk on when retrieving). I figure a good grind back to good metal and then some primer/paint. What’s the best product to use for this? I want to do it once, so not worried about saving pennies. Thanks
  13. Their lead time is 2 weeks at the moment apparently. I get the feeling they are keen for business as I've had two follow up emails in as many weeks.
  14. I've still not bought mine, I have a quote etc just waiting for more certainty from this COVID drama. Hopefully in the next few weeks. The dollar certainly isn't helping either.
  15. I've been playing it for years. It's pretty good, although sometimes gets frustrating people driving their boats straight towards you to force a penalty.
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