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  1. Sorry, I mean't 4-6 Bonito's not Noelex's....theres s**t loads of those there too. The Bonito crowd are just cruisers mainly, except for me making up numbers in the occasional race
  2. p.s. I didn't know that site existed, thanks!
  3. There's 4 or 6 in our TS compound, most are regular use. They get a great handicap rating too
  4. Was there an election??
  5. I retract my previous *yawn*
  6. Is this the same boat?
  7. Some will be aware I'm rebuilding portions of my compression post/block and cabin top. The previous owner had the blocks for reefing lines and boom vang screwed directly into the cabin top and sealed with silicon. That failed and allowed water ingress. I'd rather avoid drilling holes in the newly cored roof. There's an attachment point on my mast base for blocks etc. I can attach these blocks with an SS shackle (goodness knows why this wasn't done originally but anyway). What can I use to isolate the SS from the Aluminium? I'll use duralac on the bolts going through the cabin top, bu
  8. That’s what my 10 year old said.
  9. Whoever wins 2 in a row will be in the front seat.
  10. Yep, that was one of the lessons. I originally thought I could save the skin so I had a big square marked out. It soon became obvious that wasn’t going to happen. I should have started where I knew the wet was and worked out in a square. Instead I made the square and cut it with the multi tool. You can see the cuts in the pic. Now I’m having to grind those to a bevel to glass as well. Not a big deal, just more work. I’m not going to try and replicate the brown/cream speckle. I’m just going to feather in a big square and apply white Gelcoat. Depending how well it goes I mi
  11. Well I got it all together. I had to do some pretty heavy jacking with two car jacks to get the 'curve' of the cabin top. She's in now, a couple of learnings: Should have filled the cabin top holes with epoxy and let dry first. Most of the squeeze out came out through the roof causing a bit of a mess (luckily I noticed before it cured). Don't mix up too much epoxy at once, by the time I had it thickened enough it was starting to go off. Lessons learned
  12. My wife just got an alert on her phone in Leeston (Selwyn).
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