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  1. I recently did some glassing in my cabin. I coated it with white Flowcoat. While I was there I did a couple of tests with the intention of carrying on painting the inside with it. First test spot I gave it a good sanding. Second spot I just cleaned well. Both test spots have adhered bloody well and I can’t get any of the coating to come off even with a decent whack. it’s a bit more expensive but it flows out real well and seems very hard.
  2. Got my first ever line honours and win on handicap...(there were only two boats)...(it was the cruising division)...
  3. Club should provide that? Ours does (albeit they generally have typos in them).
  4. Looks fun on a JetSki, a boat/yacht...yeah nah.
  5. You'd want to be pretty desperate to try any of those.
  6. Yep I’ve got that.
  7. That’s a great idea, I’ll try that out. If it’s a wire I should be able to fix pretty easily. It’s due for a bit of a grease up so perfect timing.
  8. I’ve had this thing quite a while now. Use it mostly for hoisting and lowering sails when solo, mostly I don’t even engage auto but just have it attached to hold the tiller still for a short time. I’ve played with the gain a fair bit but doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. I thought I had it going well a few weeks ago, I got everything locked in and set it to hold the course. Went down below and had a sit for a few minutes. All seemed good, I thought I’d finally sussed the thing. So I adjusted the course by 5 degrees, waited a good minute and nothing, no visible arm movement.
  9. I had a Suzuki back in my stink boat days. Bloody solid engines and if hadn’t got the Yammy for free I would have bought the Suzuki.
  10. Take a look here, this is the NZTYA minimum recommendations: https://www.nztya.nz/files/A_Rating_Current_from_August_2019_Sorted_by_Rating.pdf I think if you ever want to race, you need to meet the spec listed for your model. I had an old pre 90's Honda, forever cleaning the carbs. I have a new Yamaha 6HP 4-stroke and it's fantastic.
  11. Just look on Trade Me at Trailer Sailers at the moment, there’s a huge hole between 8-20k with nothing to buy.
  12. L00seM00se


    Those starts are intense!
  13. Wheels is right, I constantly think about swapping the yacht for power boat. Easier, quicker to launch and not as much drama when going on holiday trying to find a suitable ramp/mooring close by. Plus the girls aren’t overly excited about sailing (tipping over as they call it) and if it came down to it I’d rather be on the water in a motorboat than not at all.
  14. Sorry, I mean't 4-6 Bonito's not Noelex's....theres s**t loads of those there too. The Bonito crowd are just cruisers mainly, except for me making up numbers in the occasional race
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