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  1. Sound like they are towing it outside the environment.
  2. The new boats are cool, but I miss the ‘slow’ racing. I remember watching Conner as a kid, those races were fantastic with PJ providing commentary.
  3. I’ve not been to the boat since to look further. I need to swing into Burnsco so I might ask them.
  4. There’s a little plastic ring that can be threaded off. Apart from that nothing else appears to come off. one of life’s great mysteries
  5. I don't use my phone because I don't want it rooted from banging around in the cockpit and getting wet.
  6. Only thing I’ve ever been able to get working properly is Butyl Tape. I bought three rolls when I was in the states last as I couldn’t find it here.
  7. I have an old GPS12 unit. It can take up to 5 minutes to acquire if it’s been off for more than 30 days. Same with my Garmin watch.
  8. Ahh ok, highly possible. I swapped it to another switch and it’s working for now.
  9. I was told they were fused. Circuit breaker would make more sense. Although pushing them in has no effect, there isn’t really any resistance when pushing in.
  10. I’ve got this Burnsco switch panel. One switch has a blown fuse but I can’t figure out how to replace it. Any ideas?
  11. Ian, are you at the Naval Point trailer compound? What's the boat name?
  12. I’ve got a yellow one from Burnsco with pretty much the same solar and battery capacity as you. Seems to work ok.
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