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  1. Well I got it all together. I had to do some pretty heavy jacking with two car jacks to get the 'curve' of the cabin top. She's in now, a couple of learnings: Should have filled the cabin top holes with epoxy and let dry first. Most of the squeeze out came out through the roof causing a bit of a mess (luckily I noticed before it cured). Don't mix up too much epoxy at once, by the time I had it thickened enough it was starting to go off. Lessons learned 🤣
  2. My wife just got an alert on her phone in Leeston (Selwyn).
  3. Ahh I did not think of that. I was just going to grind the bevel out once the core was in place. Noted!
  4. Yeah she’s GRP. thanks guys!
  5. I’ve spent the week removing some wet balsa core. I wasn’t able to save the original skin but that’s ok. Im at the point where I’ve got all the core out and the outer skin sanded back. There is still a bit of the original epoxy/glue left. Not a huge amount, I spent a few hours grinding with a flap disc and then sanding. It’s pretty even, there are some high spots. I’ve been following the West System guide on core replacement but it doesn’t really mention how much the skin needs to be prepped before using thickened epoxy to bond the new core. How fair does the skin
  6. Answered my own question. Got happy with the drill and I’ve got approximately 1x1 meter square to remove.
  7. I would have saved hours of work over the years if this was done from the factory.
  8. Following on from my mast post topic...I got the mast foot plate and the compression post plate off, reamed out the old holes (and also removed some old deck hardware around the mast base that was no longer in use) and found wet plywood. It’s not soaking wet but still wet to the touch. It dries up in the sun pretty quickly. I’ve spent the morning with a drill and Allen key and removed a decent amount of wet core around all the holes. It’s coming out like pulled pork consistency, stringy and in chunks. At what point do you call it quits and just cut the core out and replace?
  9. The original block was screwed in from the mast foot. I’m aiming to bolt right through if I can.
  10. Key KM possibly that might work. Harry got me thinking too, there’s a building demolition recycler a block down from work. I’m working from home tomorrow so I’ll go suss them on Friday and if no luck I’ll fire you a PM. I knew the brains trust would have an answer!
  11. Sorry should have mentioned 🤣
  12. Where would you find that?
  13. It’s a trailer sailer....
  14. I’ve removed top block that the compression post slots into on the roof of my cabin. The block is mainly used for the mast foot base on the outside to screw through into. There had been a leak at some point and the block was cracking and looking a bit dodgy. The block has a 5mm recess that the top of the compression post fits into. After driving round town today to all the specialist timber places, I’m told it’s Mahogany. Unfortunately the size I need (115mm square by about 20-25mm thick) is too small for them to bother with. Does anyone know of a place on Christc
  15. Wheels, YouTube is great eh? I don’t watch regular TV either. There’s about 4 boat building channels which are awesome too.
  16. I’ve not been on the others, but the Raven is certainly very roomy.
  17. Yeah maybe...we did go when it was snowing once. 10mm wetsuits aren’t that good.
  18. I used to Jetski in my 20's, I knew all the rules and followed them. Back then the group I rode with would rubbish the boaties heading out of the Waimak bar at full tit while all their empty beer cans went airborne out the back and almost landing on us behind the waves....we learned to wear helmets pretty quick. I've not had any annoyances with Jetskiers since owning a Yacht...perhaps it's a NI thing
  19. L00seM00se

    Boat rage

    Sounds like he might have lost his rag over ongoing problems (which I'm sure most here have experienced): https://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/news/upper-north-island/boat-rage-incident-people-are-ignorant-or-arrogant-or-both-says-tairua-ferry-operator/
  20. L00seM00se

    Boat rage

    There's definitely two sides here. Dude needs medicated though.
  21. L00seM00se

    Boat rage

    "You piece of s***t you've just caused $1000 of damage," he screams. "You drive past my boat, you rock it if you're not doing 5 knots."
  22. Don’t worry, it’s not their money 🧐
  23. 😃 https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/boating/124004616/christchurch-to-host-multimilliondollar-global-sailing-event?fbclid=IwAR1eEab6xJU_Tbj6nYnVpjVX8OLnoLJz_y-EnFtvvUIX24vKptM_VCOJHQ4
  24. Sound like they are towing it outside the environment.
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