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  1. ok rudder coming out today will know bit more after that
  2. Oh yea forgot to say my boat was built at compass yachts in 84
  3. Thank you for the offer of help but am in welly
  4. thx mate in my boat there is a heavy metal tube outer coming two thirds up the shaft and a stainless flange at the base will open them up and see whats in there
  5. hi just looking for information regarding replacing the lower bearing/bush on my 80's farr developed a rudder knock after the last ocean race.I think possibly due to the new auto helm.It looks as though it might come out from the top as there is a good sized flange arrangement in the transom where the rudder shaft goes thru hull anyway any information of the heads up kind would be appreciated
  6. Yea thx we did get to Chaffers didn't quite get round the bottom as the weather blew up at karori so hoping to finish last bit on Sunday cheers
  7. Hi I need up to three crew to delivery my Farr 38 back to mana .The boat is sound just having finished the two handed round north island race.two options first to got around the top and down the west coast to mana this is the prefered option but take about 5 days.Option two the other side in two goes auckland napier the napier welly.I am hoping to do this around easter weekend if weather permits.You would really need coastal experience contact Murray on 021418751
  8. I am looking for a co skipper for the 2017 RNI event is in Feb take about 3 weeks you will need a current sea survival ticket and experience in coast racing, The yacht is a farr 38 in excellent order ready to race.All inquries to murray hartley email hartleyelect@gmail.com or 021418751 thx murray
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