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  1. Squaddie does PHRF results as well as PHS
  2. Ed

    Pier 21

    Yes pine harbour does, also the landing at Orakei
  3. What sort of boat Leon?
  4. For an 8.5 multihull that will get cleaned regularly do you see any benefit in going for a harder antifoul and burnishing?
  5. How much of the epoxy market is finished product shipped in and how much is contract manufactured onshore?
  6. TP52 Med Cup boats are nuts, TWS 14 knots, TWA of 36°-38°, Jib lead about 3.2° off centerline r. 9.1 knots boat speed Also that jib likely costs more than my entire boat!
  7. I bought the openwind setup last year for my 8.5 tri, plays nicely delivering AWA and AWS straight into the N2K bus.(they do a 0183 version as well) Unfortunatly the boat is on my driveway being repaired so can't give definitive info for sure how good it is in use, but on the test bench my triton displays (and the vulcan) will do the TWA and TWS calculations. Also the unit has been out in the elements screwed on the fence post for the last year, seems fine. In research for finding a rotating mast solution, the Openwind was the cheapest black box solution that was straight plug and pl
  8. Everyone safe, no one hurt, boat is largely intact, but the rig has seen better days.
  9. Ed

    Weather apps

    no, but the nowcasting, as well as the 48hr history is arguable the best unique feature, pretty much worth the price on its own
  10. Ed


    The cafe is going to be slammed with everyone getting breakfast
  11. Icom IC M25, floats, bulletproof and charges off of micro usb so no need for a stupid proprietary charging base or cable
  12. Ed

    The Cup is gone

    Alinghi have lined up with Red Bull racing F1 team Ineos are already in locked in with AMG Mercedes (due to Ineos owing 33% of the F1 tean!) Luna Rossa have just announced a partnership with Ferrari F1 team Someone needs to get on the phone to Mclaren as the natural fit for the NZ Team!
  13. Ed

    Vulcan 7r targets

    I’ve setting up a Vulcan, and I can input target upwind and downwind angles and speeds across the wind range. in the files section there is reference to polar tables. Is it possible to run full polars on this unit, or is this just a holding area for pushing files to a H5000?
  14. According to offical stats over 60% of submissions we re supportive. I can just imagine it... " We support improving the the marine habitat BUT... whoa - dont need to read any further that, tick in the support box"
  15. Fuckers even nicked the rum!
  16. Ed

    Choosing a berth

    Have you enquired with the westhaven office? I thought they were pretty much full. Beggars can't be choosers and all that, but westhaven is pretty well sheltered, theres not much between the berths so long as you fit
  17. Anyone got one lurking in the back of the garage? Buying NOS from overseas will cost me abut the same as bottle of Mt Gay, so figure thats the going rate for a clean one
  18. Ed

    The Cup is gone

    So ETNZ have signed Nathan Outerridge, and Ashby is still on the team Pete and Blair haven’t renewed yet, changing of the guard perhaps?
  19. Ed

    Electric outboards

    By the looks of it everyone is an electrican there
  20. The latest marketing spiel I heard on a new GPS unit was that it use L1 and L5 GNSS signals, as opposed to virtually all the recreational divices out there just uing L1, which putthe accuracy in the +\- 20cm range, with a 25hz update. Any one able to explain in laymans terms why this additional signal frequecy helps so much, something to do with ionosphere correction? Or is this snake oil?
  21. I’ve acquired a Vulcan 7 chart plotter, but it doesn’t come with anything over and above the base map. what do people recommend for the gulf and up to bay of islands? Mostly racing rather than cruising Are there other options bar cmap and navionics?
  22. yep neither side looks good in those videos
  23. its kicking off again at the marina... someone will likely be up for assult with that move https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/446456/waiheke-island-marina-video-appears-to-show-protester-kicked-in-face
  24. Whats the going rate on a dst810?
  25. 1 year mortgage rate now at 1.85%, time to talk to my sailmaker!
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