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    Clutch is an adjective as well as a noun and a verb these days Language evoloution and etymology is very wierd sometimes!
  2. Thats the raw weather balloon data, pressue and temperature will predictable change relates to altitude, hence the angled gridlines to provide a straight line in theory. Red line is temperature and blue line is the dew point
  3. Ed

    What is this?

    Reaching strut, it’s for improving the angle to the spinnaker guy when you are tight reaching with the pole almost on the forestay. You rig it usually somewhere inline with the shrouds/ mast straight out the side of the boat, pushing the guy a bit further outboard and significantly reduceing the load on it
  4. Resurrecting this topic as I found the solution, but haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else. It turns out I wasn't going mad and the system did have an issue. There was a second heading sensor on the network. Turns out the ZG100 stops transmitting heading if it sees anything else sending heading onto the N2K bus(even if its the chartplotter spitting out COG as a HDG sentence). The solution (cryptically written in the instructions I admit) is to change the instance of the Zg100/point-1 from 0 to 1. Problem solved!
  5. I can't think of any yards in the greater auckland area that you can get to mast up that have a ramp that would suit the trailer and wide multis, and the costs of building one would be significant (even ignoring the consenting requirements)
  6. If you ask nicely, they'll make it in just about any colour you want....
  7. Burnsco are showing stock online in most of their stores for orange smokes?
  8. Coastal is Cat3 minus dinghy/liferaft, got changed a couple of years ago
  9. If you want to go down the home brew route, hat labs do a NMEA200 development board https://hatlabs.fi/product/sailor-hat-with-esp32/?v=8e3eb2c69a18 An example of how it has been developed to create a mast rotation compensation unit with an external sensor https://github.com/randel0/NEMA2K-Mast-Rotation-Compensator
  10. From their facebook page... "Hardstand Closure It’s with great sadness that we need to make our users aware that following a directive from the Orakei Local Board, the hardstand will be closing for good as of the 28th of February 2023. The decision has left us stunned, especially when all of the board members were made aware that Pier 21 is (and now has) closed for good. Leaving Auckland even more drastically short of hardstand spaces and availability. The local board recently carried out a very limited “public consultation”, limited as it only consulted with members within the loca
  11. Went to the boat, switched everything on and it all works fine now, Something must have got a bit confused (bit like me sometimes)
  12. Didn't get much time to trouble shoot this at the weekend, but looking for pointers on what to check: N2K network, 2x triton displays, Vulcan 7R, Lowrance point 1 (B&G ZG100 equivelent) compass/gps, terminators on both ends of the backbone;) When the Vulcan is switched off, the tritons will pick up heading from the point 1, when its switched on, they won't. Switch off the Vulcan again, and the heading reappears on the display. When the vulcan is on, I do have an option on the triton to use COG as heading, but thats nots ideal obviously, I want true heading from the com
  13. A driftathon and then a dying breeze, basically impossible to handiap. Whats the bets the final race is 20-25+ kts Gotta say, racetrack is an incredible resource/dataset, both from trying to set handicaps, to even just researching and tracking down boats. It's also in some cases really edivent when ownership of boats changed as the rating shifts significantly. Long may it continue!
  14. The electric ferry that has been operating in Wellingtonn for the last 4 months hasn't really made the news snice coming into service, so I assume it working fine down there? Anyone been on it?
  15. Hence the "probably" To be fair, we got a nice sea breeze in the Bay which got us to the line inside the limit, there were a lot of boats infront of us on the water who pulled out before that, but yeah, that was the lightest race in a long while.
  16. Yes, there will be wind, from a direction.....probably
  17. Squaddie does PHRF results as well as PHS
  18. Ed

    Pier 21

    Yes pine harbour does, also the landing at Orakei
  19. What sort of boat Leon?
  20. For an 8.5 multihull that will get cleaned regularly do you see any benefit in going for a harder antifoul and burnishing?
  21. How much of the epoxy market is finished product shipped in and how much is contract manufactured onshore?
  22. TP52 Med Cup boats are nuts, TWS 14 knots, TWA of 36°-38°, Jib lead about 3.2° off centerline r. 9.1 knots boat speed Also that jib likely costs more than my entire boat!
  23. I bought the openwind setup last year for my 8.5 tri, plays nicely delivering AWA and AWS straight into the N2K bus.(they do a 0183 version as well) Unfortunatly the boat is on my driveway being repaired so can't give definitive info for sure how good it is in use, but on the test bench my triton displays (and the vulcan) will do the TWA and TWS calculations. Also the unit has been out in the elements screwed on the fence post for the last year, seems fine. In research for finding a rotating mast solution, the Openwind was the cheapest black box solution that was straight plug and pl
  24. Everyone safe, no one hurt, boat is largely intact, but the rig has seen better days.
  25. Ed

    Weather apps

    no, but the nowcasting, as well as the 48hr history is arguable the best unique feature, pretty much worth the price on its own
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