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  1. 12 minutes ago, ex Elly said:

    Will still require liferaft or dinghy.  Not much room for a dinghy on a Piedy!


    Coastal is Cat3 minus dinghy/liferaft, got changed a couple of years ago

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  2. From their facebook page...

    "Hardstand Closure
    It’s with great sadness that we need to make our users aware that following a directive from the Orakei Local Board, the hardstand will be closing for good as of the 28th of February 2023.
    The decision has left us stunned, especially when all of the board members were made aware that Pier 21 is (and now has) closed for good. Leaving Auckland even more drastically short of hardstand spaces and availability.
    The local board recently carried out a very limited “public consultation”, limited as it only consulted with members within the local Orakei area even though the site is primarily used by Aucklander's who do not live within the Orakei area. Additionally, one of the three options that they put forward / sought consultation on (Option 3) incorporates a new safe harbour and tree top boardwalks without explaining during consultation that neither the Local Board nor Council (even in the 10 year long term plan) have any funding to develop this option (estimated at 20 million plus). Additionally, half the “submitters” came from the Akarana Marine Sports Trust / Royal Akarana Yacht Club with 340 submitters supporting the hardstand and 469 opposed (i.e. selected option 3 as their preferred)
    A link to the “consultation” can be found here: https://akhaveyoursay.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/the-landing
    As part of the consultation process, the Orakei Local Board were made aware of the following:
    Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei made a submission supporting the hardstand staying.
    Hardstand Viability; it was formally confirmed that the Hardstand returned non-rates revenue prior to the Orakei Local Boards “involvement”.
    Auckland’s requirement for hardstands; they received formal confirmation via a letter from the New Zealand Marina Operators Association and The New Zealand Marine Association confirming that Auckland requires more hardstands and that the closure of The Landing Hardstand would be extremely detrimental to Auckland’s marine industry.
    Bio Security; they were made aware by Councils own Bio Security department (the same department that is spending millions of rate payers money annually trying to minimise bio security issues in the greater Auckland area) that hardstands in general are a key tool in managing bio security issues and that the hardstand at The Landing provides such services. 
    Reduction in hardstands in the greater Auckland area; they were made aware that in the last six months two hardstands in the greater Auckland area had closed, and two further were likely to close. Coincidentally, Pier 21 (the yard that hauls the largest volume of vessels in the Auckland area), announced its closure only three days after the board meeting that effectively closed The Landing Hardstand.
    Additional cost to rate payers; they were made aware that the Hardstand business effectively covered off all day to day running costs of The Landing (approximately 250K per annum) and that if the Hardstand were to close these costs would have to be met by ratepayers.
    All this information and they still opted to close the hardstand in favour of a new $20-million-dollar park that there is no funding allocated to…. and not likely to be for many years.
    Doesn’t sound right, does it?  We don’t think so either.
    How you can help:
    •Register via Office@thelanding.org.nz to join our database of hardstand supporters.
    •Email / write to the Mayor and your local Councillors and MP’s outlining your concerns.
    •Let the local board members that voted for the hardstand’s closures know your thoughts and remember its local body elections time.
    There is already a group of both hardstand and The Landing users who have united and are currently putting together a legal challenge, we are fortunate to have several people who have underwritten these costs but going forward we may look for additional financial contributors. We will keep you up to date with the status of the legal challenge via email (you will obviously need to register to receive this).
    Local Board members that voted in favour of closing the hardstand*:
    •Scott Milne: scott.milne@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz  / 021 876 326
    •Sarah Powrie: sarah.powrie@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz / 021 142 2913
    •Margaret Voyce: margaret.voyce@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz / 029 880 9900 
    •Troy Elliott: troy.elliott@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz / 021 658 769
    *details found on the Auckland Council website
    Local Board Members who supported the hardstand:
    •Troy Churton
    •Colin Davis
    ** David Wong abstained from the vote **
    Other useful contact details included:
    •Councillor Desley Simpson: desley.simpson@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz  / 021 971 786
    •Auckland Council Councillors: https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/.../ward-councillors...
    •Mayor Goff: phil.goff@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz"

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  3. Didn't get much time to trouble shoot this at the weekend, but looking for pointers on what to check:

    N2K network, 

    2x triton displays, Vulcan 7R, Lowrance point 1 (B&G ZG100 equivelent) compass/gps, terminators on both ends of the backbone;)

    When the Vulcan is switched off, the tritons will pick up heading from the point 1, when its switched on, they won't. Switch off the Vulcan again, and the heading reappears on the display.

    When the vulcan is on, I do have an option on the triton to use COG as heading, but thats nots ideal obviously, I want true heading from the compass. 

    Feels like something in the Vulcan is spewing out a network config thats over riding the compass I think, what should I be looking for?


  4. A driftathon and then a dying breeze, basically impossible to handiap.

    Whats the bets the final race is 20-25+ kts🌬️


    Gotta say, racetrack is an incredible resource/dataset, both from trying to set handicaps, to even just researching and tracking down boats. It's also in some cases really edivent when ownership of boats changed as the rating shifts significantly.


    Long may it continue!

  5. The electric ferry that has been operating in Wellingtonn for the last 4 months hasn't really made the news snice coming into service, so I assume it working fine down there?

    Anyone been on it?

  6. 31 minutes ago, Ptown said:

    There wasn't last year!

    Hence the "probably" 😂

    To be fair, we got a nice sea breeze in the Bay which got us to the line inside the limit, there were a lot of boats infront of us on the water who pulled out before that, but yeah, that was the lightest race in a long while. 

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  7. 13 minutes ago, Shagger said:

    What is the wind direction going to be?

    That will determine our entry status.

    Yes, there will be wind, from a direction.....probably

  8. 3-degrees-of-seperation-768x432.jpg

    TP52 Med Cup boats are nuts, TWS 14 knots, TWA of 36°-38°, Jib lead about 3.2° off centerline r.  9.1 knots boat speed


    Also that jib likely costs more than my entire boat!

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  9. I bought the openwind setup last year for my 8.5 tri, plays nicely delivering AWA and AWS straight into the N2K bus.(they do a 0183 version as well)

    Unfortunatly the boat is on my driveway being repaired so can't give definitive info for sure how good it is in use, but on the test bench my triton displays (and the vulcan) will do the TWA and TWS calculations. Also the unit has been out in the elements screwed on the fence post for the last year, seems fine.

    In research for finding a rotating mast solution, the Openwind was the cheapest black box solution that was straight plug and play into the network.

    Next up in cost and complexity was LCJ Capteurs, they do a rotating mast version with a compensentation box that takes a signal from a mast rotation sensor, in fact I think they are reccommending the hall effect honeywell sensor IT pictured above. This has its own calibration settings, but then plugs straight into the N2K network.

    Third option is the full monty processor as mentioned above, certanily the most capable/accurate, but big dolars and proper setup of the system is a profession all of itself! 



  10. 2 hours ago, khayyam said:

    not in the free version though, worth noting. 

    no, but the nowcasting, as well as the 48hr history is arguable the best unique feature, pretty much worth the price on its own

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  11. Alinghi have lined up with Red Bull racing F1 team

    Ineos are already in locked in with AMG Mercedes  (due to Ineos owing 33% of the F1 tean!)

    Luna Rossa have just announced a partnership with Ferrari F1 team


    Someone needs to get on the phone to Mclaren as the natural fit for the NZ Team!

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  12. I’ve setting up a Vulcan, and I can input target upwind and downwind angles and speeds across the wind range.

    in the files section there is reference to polar tables. Is it possible to run full polars on this unit, or is this just a holding area for pushing files to a H5000?


  13. 2 hours ago, Black Panther said:

    I think we all do.. which is why the near universal condemnation of these rules as stupid is interesting 

    According to offical stats over 60% of submissions we re supportive.


    I can just imagine it...

    " We support improving the the marine habitat BUT... whoa - dont need to read any further that, tick in the support box"

  14. Have you enquired with the westhaven office? I thought they were pretty much full.

    Beggars can't be choosers and all that, but westhaven is pretty well sheltered, theres not much between the berths so long as you fit




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