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  1. 6 minutes ago, Fogg said:

    I think the problem is that you guys are looking for exceptions to rubbish the whole idea instead of looking for a solution with ways to handle the exceptions.

    So what if we assume that racing yachts are the minority of boats in the BOI and probably too busy racing anyway to be chasing & swimming with dolphins. So what if we say any boat in an organised race is exempt from the rule and carries on as normal.

    There is already the speed limit exemption in the upper Auckland harbour for race yachts, although that is not about protecting marine life.

    I do agree that  having a unified consistent response to the consultation once it formally opens is the way forward. Hopefully everyone submits 👍

  2. Repercussions for yacht racing are pretty serious, it would basically be the end of any sailing regattas, including bay week in the greater bay area, and also the coastal classic would be hamstrung. Just imagine it, you come though the gap at Pearcy leading your division, find a dolphin, so you have to stop and drop sails, meanwhile your competitors sail 400m away and continue on their merry way



  3. 31 minutes ago, Island Time said:

    The web page does not work in the Brave browser...

    Brave browser... their business model is certainly brave!

    <sarc>have you tried using chrome?</sarc>

    I’ll pass on the feedback👍

  4. 7 minutes ago, Island Time said:

    Certainly a lot less discussion on here than usual.

    And personally I tried to find the results on the website, and at first it would not load, then, for example, it had DNC in the solo division for boats that were there. 

    There were conflicting results at various locations on the website,  for example overall and at division levels did not agree. 

    The web page does not work in the Brave browser, and the results are still wrong now, for example;



    and ;


    It was a weird year, because so few boats actually finished. The results above are correct by the si’s, as boats not over the line by the time limit can have their gps positions recorded, and be given a finishing position, but are not eligible for handicap or prizes.


  5. 25 minutes ago, Tamure said:

    Sailing stories are for the sailors, the wider public are just not that interested. It doesnt matter how many media channels you pump it out on, its still just another yacht race which unless you are really into it mostly incomprehensible, even for sailors like me its a bit of a "ok so what?" If its about pleasing advertisers with views... dont know anything about marketing so cant comment.

    Live vid updates, now thats interesting 


    Yeah I get that for people outside the sailing community the reporting can be a bit meaningless.


    I was more replying to Fogg’s comment about the media coverage dying a death and trying to work out why we are missing part of the target audience?

  6. Considering only 16 boats finished the race the party on saturday night was the best it’s been in years

    we managed to finish, got in at 1.30pm, nice kite run to the finish with the sea breeze filling in.

    im interested in the comment about lack of coverage as we put in a lot of effort on the media side

    The live Event reporting stuff goes through Facebook, the starts were live streamed, and the start video was up pretty soon afterwards, finishing story was up early Saturday morning, live drone footage of boats finishing etc etc 

    we have the usual tracker running for people to follow the race. This does rely on cell phone coverage, so can get a bit shaky around the Brett, but for the most part is does it’s job

    The main piece stories were also published through the coastal classic app and the website, the line honours story went up just after 9am on Facebook, I’m not sure what time the website was updated.

    we were also pushing out updates through Instagram and Twitter, with an event hashtag for social contributions.

    I know some here are anti Facebook, an opinion I understand. I can take that feedback to the committee, but what other channels/platforms should we be using.

  7. Building consents in Auckland are at all time high levels, how would an earthquate help this?

    There has been big growth in the higher density types, espically aournd transport corriders, creating more variety in the market.  


  8. 1 hour ago, Romany said:

    But whats your point IT 🤔? Not posting uninformed opinion would be the death of ZB and -dare I say it, forums like this.


    To be fair, this thread is in Marine talk, which is usually has quite well informed commentary.


    Small talk on the other hand....


  9. Just to preface this, I'm not a bridge, mechanical or structural engineer, so this is all best guess from heavily loaded snafus I've seen over the last 20 yrs


    IT, you're right Its a reasonably long slender member, so it will have a bit of stretch one loaded. However,  I would guess though that the bridge structure itself has moved more that that. If Vic remade the piece to the original dimensions, when you went to install it you would probablly find it would appear to be to short ad the structure will mave likely moved away. The challenge is then to pull the structure back to the correct shape while still leaving space to install the new part and not overload anything else in the process

  10. What complicates the matter is that strut is a stressed member. Fabricating a bit of steel is the easy bit, getting it in there is somewhat harder

    Imagine trying to replace a spreader, and you have to get the rig tension and mast bend back to where is should (must) be, without touching the turnbuckles or addind any significant weight aloft.

    Its certinaly not beyond the wit of man to complete, but considering the implications if it goes wrong the amount of planning, peer review  and analysis that goes into this will be significant




  11. The whole driving license thing is so tied up in international politics and mutual recognition schemes its not funny.

    Personally I think having to do a practical test for overseas license holders prior to being given an NZ license is totally justifiable, and I'd be a firm advocate for time based retests, say every 15 years until you are 60ish/ retirement age/whatever line you choose to draw n the sand. Then a shorter retest interval is justified as peoples capabilities are liable to degrade faster, rather than just a tendency to pickup bad habits or not keep up with new road code developements. 

    Trying to implement something like the above would be political suicide, both locally and internationally, so its never going to happen, we'll just keep on hurting/killing people instead

  12. 1 hour ago, Fish said:

    Its Thursday today right?

    Look, seriously, this thread has already stated two legitimate ways you can go sailing tomorrow, including on your own boat, and for as long as you want. I can re-state them if you want?

    The thing is, you have to adapt to the conditions. When you are sailing, and the wind shifts, do you let your sails flog and bitch and moan at the wind for shifting?

    Its just a simple case of adapting to the prevailing conditions. Dinosaurs didn't adapt...

    Tamure, what did you MP say when you emailed him / her?

    PS, I'm going sailing tomorrow.

    no it's Friday today 👍

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