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  1. Ed

    what is?

    Bucc24 with folding longer floats
  2. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
  3. Predictwind, well worth the cheapest subscription of I think 19 dollars for the year, targeted at the sailor, also get wind contour map, observations with 48 hours history, isobar maps, really really good and a local company to boot No affiliation, just a happy customer
  4. The idea with these foils is to generate extra righting moment, rather than lift the boat clear of the water, so you get to eek a bit more power out of the rig. From what I understand the window where they show significant benefit is quite narrow, but that window is optimised for the wind angles expected due the round the world race. So round the cans, probably slower, doing what there were designed for.. the VPP's are says they will should be a couple of DAYS faster around the marble!
  5. Get a gunboat G4 for cruising...
  6. http://youtu.be/E3on5CYbZP4
  7. Grind off the zinc first, you'll get a better weld as well as not being poisoned, then paint with a high zinc content paint
  8. Ed

    Climbing Mast

    Goto the rope centre in Henderson, they do heaps of proper industrial rope access gear and can should be able to give you some good advice. I just picked up a basic singing rock harness, about 200 bucks. Agree that the aloft alone kit is pretty good value if you price it all up separately. It's worth have a good practice before you go up the mast so you are completely familiar with the gear. Oh, and always use a safety line if you can
  9. Ed

    waiheke woops

    Virtually none at all apparently
  10. Ed

    SSANZ 100

    Pies, eat lots of pies
  11. Ed


    vacuum pump
  12. Ed


    From the album: Pump

  13. This would be why I struggled to clean the gutters with the kitchen door, perhaps we need a government funded education programme for this....
  14. Talk to Brevini, They have made some great custom drum winches for me in the past at very sensible money.
  15. 4 gold meals and a silver, more than everyone else in the competition put together I think Doesn't stop him being a colossal prat though
  16. The actual racing of 45' wing sailed foiling catamarans is pretty entertaining. It's all the associated political and commercial rubbish that's somewhat tiring
  17. Ed

    Stanchion bases

    Pretty sure it meets cat 3, guy doing it in West Auckland is intending on doing the coastal once finished.
  18. Ed

    Stanchion bases

    Ive seen a slightly different approach on this recently, basically solid fibre glass studs sticking up maybe 100mm from the deck, completely glassed in so no penetrations through the deck. The stanchion tube then slides over the top, with a simple pin through to hold it in place, one less thing to leak.
  19. From a project that stalled.... West System 105 epoxy and 206 (slow) hardener, 10l resin 2l hardener, unopened, plus west dosing pumps to suit, unused - $250 West 407 fairling powder 12L bag - $80 Corecell 80kg/m3 10mm 2.4m x 1.2m, 3 sheets, $70 each 200kg/m3 9mm 1.8mx0.9m, 4 sheets, $100 each Offcuts of both weights available as well, sizes up to half a sheet, pm and we can sort something out
  20. Acetone worked for me, but I had to be quite liberal with it, or I was back to balls of snot
  21. I see chines are back in fashion again
  22. It's got a Gbe rig, hate to say it but its almost worth it to split for parts.
  23. Duralac is your friend when attaching ss to aluminium
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