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  1. Well that was a monster of a day, awesome sail round the islands in some seriously solid breeze, and the occasional big swell ( cough 18 kts cough) Huge thanks to race committee, didn,t look overly comfortable on the committie boat in the conditions, your efforts were much appreciated From our point of view, given the forecast and wind that came through, finishing in the daylight was the high on the priority list, so we were happy with the start time. Cheers
  2. That sounds about the right size, definatly said blink on the side Route makes sense as well, they were oversize with a pilot so wouldn't be allowed on the SH motorway network through central akl
  3. Guess it was the same one I saw going into town on new north road, must have been around 10 ish. Boat was called Blink
  4. Ed

    Auckland winter

    Saturday was a little more relaxed
  5. Ed


    Don't forget her successor, Spankey rides again! And no, I have no idea what it means either. Aussie boats if I recall though....
  6. 2nd is mama tried I think by the look of the floats
  7. Before -36° 51' 2.12", +174° 48' 41.89" After -36° 49' 18.96", +174° 45' 55.48" or are there 2?
  8. Not technically a song but... "Better living through chemistry" Great album, name works on lots of levels, and the cover art is a homage to the New Order song "Blue Monday"
  9. Many thanks to those who did brave the rain to show off their boats
  10. This style of argument seems very reminiscent of the arguments around when wearing seatbelts in cars became mandatory, and wearing a hardhat on a construction site became mandatory. There are loads of well reasoned arguments why you don't have to, but the balance of probabilities says you are better off wearing one than not. Whether they can actually legislate on the issue effectively for the public at large remains to be seen, but I can see it being written into club sailing instructions before much longer.
  11. Ed


    Anyone on the ground in Christchurch with today's results?
  12. Ed

    BoI 2013

    really not sure as it happened so fast, went out on the wire and heard a ripping sound tried to grab the handle, ended up in the water. Turns out i blew out both thebuckles holding the webbing straps for the spreader bar on the harness, so between the trapeze l8ine and cleat, spreader bar, hook and shoulder straps something bit me. typing with my left hand is bloody slow!
  13. Ed

    BoI 2013

    Edit, hope the crew from cruise control recovers ok!
  14. Ed

    BoI 2013

    if you are squeamish dont open the file! I was the crew on enigma that got whisked away, first to kawakawa then whangerei. got discharged yesterday after surgery under general anasthetic. went out on the wire for the first time that race, and something let go, next thing i am in the water with a big hole in my rigfht arm just below the elbow joint and loads of blood, not really sure what happened huge thanks to: -the little white rib (not so white after i covered it in blood) who came and got me off enigma -the guys who did the initial dressing off the wound from the start boat
  15. If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it - J. P. Morgan
  16. Hope everyone on the boat was ok after last nights misadventure
  17. Apart from this year where they haven't had a single gun....
  18. 1948... with a rotating mast? Is that original? If it is it must be one of the older open classes, so either a 14(but they banned trapezes for ages, maybe this was the one that upset the applecart) or one of the first merlin's( too early for a rocket) I'm going with an international 14
  19. Ed

    Coastal classic updates

    Any idea on taiping? (please excuse the spelling!)
  20. Ed

    Coastal classic updates

    the Duke stops serving lunch at 3, what are the chances of being there in time?
  21. Ed

    Coastal classic updates

    to be fair, its ETA was 8.30 am this morning, but for whatever reason was delayed
  22. Ed

    Coastal classic updates

    looking at the track on AIS she is comming in, no sign of a slow down anywhere, Shouldn't take too long to clear through though
  23. Ed

    Coastal classic updates

    AIS has transfuture 7 doing 12 kts into the harbour at the moment. The dolphin on the side does not make up for how ugly that thing looks
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