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  1. Ed

    Oracle 72...

    still afloat but completly turtled at the end of the video not sure how old this is now though https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=p ... ua2puIu4Kk
  2. Weta - although possibly not the cheapest option
  3. With everything that you have suggested it will be awesome if you can get it near to minimum weight. When I have some free time next year I dont mind helping you with some of the boring jobs if you would like the help All fairing help greatly appreciated and paid in rum/beer Hopefully will be able to setup a dedicated finishing/paint shop area separate to the laminating area
  4. yeah, frames were cnc. The dxf's from Ian already had the overcut so no messing needed either. answers: 1. Carbon - price difference isn't too significant when you are building yourself 2. Err... maybe. I'll probably end up putting the foil cases in now, and think about the foils for a while 3. Short low cabin, the intention is that creature comforts will be limited to what's needed for racing and day sailing at the moment. 4. One rudder. Two only really makes sense to me if you are consistently flying the centre hull. The single rudder in the cassette also makes for easy beaching if
  5. Thanks for the offer, I'm very keen on going for a yacht sometime soon. I should be ok for a vacuum pump, the little PVR pulls a good vacuum, and I can put a vacuum cleaner onto the manifold for the bulk pull down after closing the bag as well.
  6. Wouldn't have been a sports boat, they were the last start and were both so late that they couldn't have got in any ones way even if they tried. Oh, and thanks to the committee boat for waiting for us
  7. Over on SA there has been a bit of discussion about quads http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index. ... pic=139251 With no measurement issues on the 8.5 would a quad be a usefull sail?
  8. Moral of the story... Don't forget the sammies for the Simrad 100
  9. Looks like he going in the right direction again, backing up to clear some weed meybe?
  10. Gets worse, 900 is minimum weight for an 8.5 long boat, rule is length(in metres) *100+50 So for an F24, 7.3m loa, minimum weight is 780kg So that puts you 362kg or 46% over minimum weight For class racing that is, for fleet racing, keep sweet talking the handicapper, this info could be useful I'm starting to wonder if the F22, built down to weight (746kg), could be a contender in lighter airs....
  11. Ed

    Vacuum Pump

    Won't this end up knackering the compressor?, they are designed to blow not suck, and discharging to atmosphere, not a load for hours on end can't be healthy either! I'm happy to buy the right piece of kit, it's small change in comparison to the rest of the build, and I can either flog it afterwards or use it on the next project. I just don't want to spend more than I have to
  12. Ed

    Vacuum Pump

    Did you do the hulls with it as well?
  13. Ed

    Vacuum Pump

    Fridge compressors are a bad idea as they are never designed for continous duty and tend to go pop after running for a couple of hours I know I need a vane axial pump, just a bid of guidance about what size and who from.
  14. Ed

    Vacuum Pump

    I'm embarking on a boat building project, 28' mark, and need a vacuum pump for bulkheads, hulls etc. I'm just using it for vac bagging, not infusion. I've had a bit of a look around for vacuum pumps but need a bit of advice The gold plated answer would be something like the 20/2 from vacmobiles, but one of these things can infuse an entire 60' hull in one hit, so a little overkill for a home build At the other end of the spectrum there is the $450 2.5cfm chinese vacuum pumps on tardeme, but I don't know if this is going to be enough to do the job Any comments or advice would b
  15. Ed

    Tracker problems

    I've to the same conclusion the the tracker is a crock, as Camper just crossed abu dhabi yet are still alledgly 20Nm behind
  16. Have a look at the racetrack analysis from the crew front page, gives an alternative view on handicapping. Seems to have a bias towards multihulls, with 8 in the top 10!
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