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  1. And the best autopilot gear money can buy
  2. Ed

    Battery Drills

    22V Hilti - we just don't bother buying anything else for cordless tools on site anymore. They take a ridiculous amount of abuse and keep on going.
  3. Navigation safety bylaws - 2014 https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/plans-projects-policies-reports-bylaws/bylaws/Documents/navsafetybylawcontrols2014.pdf 54 Duty of person in charge of a vessel under 500 gross tonnage (1) The person in charge of a vessel under 500 gross tonnage must not allow their vessel to impede the navigation of any large vessel if the vessels are in a pilotage area.
  4. Already at 106 entries! Remember you need to have your CAT 3 (minus) inspection done by the 11th of October
  5. A word of caution around qualitative risk scoring systems, like the probability consequence model above. Watch for the high consequence/low probability events as under some scoring systems they are not given much weight due to the low probability. If it does happen, its a catastrophe so its worth giving them due regard. I might be telling people here to suck eggs, apologies if I am but it bears repeating.
  6. A couple of old dinosaurs chatting over a drink at the bar, well, they could pull the “ the world is too pc “ line.. But this was said by the Commodore of the club, while speaking in his capacity as the Commodore. He should know better, and if he doesn’t, he probably shouldn’t be the commodore
  7. Not racing but still a nice sail a the weekend http://youtu.be/fAROoHPwTnY
  8. Insurance renewals are going to be a frightening experience this time around
  9. 50ft schionning cat tipped end over end, saw at least one keeler sunk, fair bit of mooring line chafe damage on some boats, and scores of blown out/missing dodgers/bimini's. Floating dock office is now matchsticks. Worst hit was towards the ends of R -Y piers, very localised though, a strip maybe only 15-20m wide saw significant damage. Definitely a tornado
  10. Ed

    Optimists in Antigua

    Suck my balls, it's that funny it bears reposting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ew06J05pkk&feature=youtu.be&t=57
  11. Ed

    Refund Please

    Don't be so short sighted, that area will continue to benefit Auckland for a long time after the cup, as per the viaduct.
  12. The book "Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction" is pretty comprehensive when it comes to boat building options, plenty of practical advice in there as well. Did I mention it's free? https://www.westsystem.com/wp-content/uploads/GougeonBook-061205-1.pdf
  13. Wow - really? You would intentionally interfere with another boat on the water like that?
  14. They were within 50m and doing more than 5 knots, still breaking the law
  15. PIC have done this for me in the past
  16. I think it depends on how much rum has been consumed...
  17. Awesome to see a fresh face on the scene, does it sit in the sportsboat or small keeler fleet?
  18. Have you got a link? There is already the start of a Diam 24 fleet in NZ ( 3 boats now I think) With ex circuit boats available reasonable cheaply from the pro circuit in France, it would maybe be an easier sell to prospective owners
  19. Coastal is Cat 3 minus a liferaft or dinghy, you still need a Cat 3 cert. I would doubt it would be accepted, as its a big stretch of open water from the top of coromandal to Tauranga, also considering White Island race is CAT3 plus (I think) was you must have a lift raft(dinghy not acceptable) and a sat phone.Its the Race committees call though, the can take the proposal to YNZ and the safety committee to get their view/buy in. Would it make a difference... unlikely to the boats that are liable to do it
  20. Ed

    Transat mini

    8.5 multihulls, fleet of Tp52's and close varients, active fleet of fastish 40's, foiling multis came and went. The shorthanded scene is pretty strong at the moment...
  21. They are very quickly going to be known colloquially as "Sailor's Surprise"
  22. Such an iconic traillbazer of a boat, paving the way for the foiling ultimes. I'm surprised a Frenchman hasn't bought it and donated it to a museum
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