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  1. Just for clarity, the SSANZ triple series races dont need a raft, they are cat 4+, but the plus is not a raft. The route 66 was an example of cat4+ a liferaft
  2. Nothing to say you can't carry a raft, it's just not complusary any more.
  3. Not only on the shelf, but on the website with free delivery. Sailors corner were over 10 years behind with their website. But as mentioned above this liquidation wasn't about financial reasons.
  4. I'm not saying its no good, it will certinaly be a fun boat to sail, and Grainger has a good track record of race boats. Its just if someone here coughed up for one thinking it would be the fastest thing in the small multi fleet they could be in for a bit of a surprise
  5. Seems to be a bit bogged, looks like it needs a few more horsepower to get up onto the plane
  6. In anything over 10kts it would get owned upwind and down by the 8.5s (yeah yeah, provided there are any racing). Jib tack is 1.7m back from the bows, and a non overlapper, and the prod is a m shorter than the 8.5's livewire sails sizes vs. 8.5 Main both 35m2 Jib 11, vs a NO1 at 23m2 and a no2 at 14. 11 is likely the size of the no.3 C0 dont have numbers off hand Kite 50m2 vs around 80 for a typical 8.5m Still weighs about the same, maybe a fraction lighter. Buy an 8.5, it would be much cheaper, a bit quicker and you can do coastal on it
  7. The electric drive motors for the cutterhead on the waterview TBM were water cooled, 330ish KW each. There were 24 of them
  8. Heard a roumer there was a protest on leg two. Unsubstantiated gossip or did something happen?
  9. A contract was made once the reserve price was met, with the proviso it could be broken if a higher bid was made within a certain time frame. Any. Bid above reserve should be binding
  10. Whats Arbitare up to... looking for more breeze?
  11. At the hen already, fast ride north. Send it, or sending it has had been around for years. Always thought it had its roots in sending the mail on the fastest stagecoach available, no reference for this so I might have just made it up myself after a few rums
  12. how often does the tracker update? Seemed to be about every 4 minutes until the start, but hasn't moved since?
  13. I've got an 8hp Yamaha 2 stroke with the regular prop on it, but really could use a bigger prop for moving the boat (900kg 8.5 multihull) in and out of the berth, reverse is painfully poor with the exhaust coming through the prop Yamaha website just made me more confused, which prop should I be looking at?
  14. There are some laptops that can be charged through their USB C port as an option
  15. Ask your bowman, they usually have a collection of "fine art" stashed somewhere...
  16. Just do the.. ahem... "training course" at Westhaven and as a marina berth holder you can use it any time for a small exorbitant fee.
  17. Ed


    There's no supposedly about it, NZMYC do own and run the coastal classic. Yes, Race track handicaps are purely performance based, so completely open to abuse from people doing specific prep ( lightening /removing all excess gear/buying new or different sails) prior to am event. It arguably has more lag than phrf. For the teams, scottie may be able to say more, but phrf is an independent body from the race organiser. Multihull handicaps are not, they are a judgement view of generally one person. Granted, they do a pretty good job, but there could be seem to be a distinct conflict of i
  18. PIC gave me a polite thanks but no thanks for a trimaran. Cats I think they will look at
  19. Italy I think https://www.siregh3o.it/en/products/x-factor/ Looks like a really nice build
  20. Ed

    Spinlock 5D

    I got a spinlock jacket (deck vest) serviced recently, . It would have been cheaper to buy a new 150kn jacket from burnsco..... twice!
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