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  1. There are some laptops that can be charged through their USB C port as an option
  2. Ask your bowman, they usually have a collection of "fine art" stashed somewhere...
  3. Just do the.. ahem... "training course" at Westhaven and as a marina berth holder you can use it any time for a small exorbitant fee.
  4. Ed


    There's no supposedly about it, NZMYC do own and run the coastal classic. Yes, Race track handicaps are purely performance based, so completely open to abuse from people doing specific prep ( lightening /removing all excess gear/buying new or different sails) prior to am event. It arguably has more lag than phrf. For the teams, scottie may be able to say more, but phrf is an independent body from the race organiser. Multihull handicaps are not, they are a judgement view of generally one person. Granted, they do a pretty good job, but there could be seem to be a distinct conflict of i
  5. PIC gave me a polite thanks but no thanks for a trimaran. Cats I think they will look at
  6. Italy I think https://www.siregh3o.it/en/products/x-factor/ Looks like a really nice build
  7. Ed

    Spinlock 5D

    I got a spinlock jacket (deck vest) serviced recently, . It would have been cheaper to buy a new 150kn jacket from burnsco..... twice!
  8. Ed

    Funny looking boat

    To be fair watercare are pushing forward with the central interceptor sewer. Which will unlock a lot of capacity to split the current system where large rain events cause untreated sewage to go into the stormwater system
  9. Ed

    Funny looking boat

    That's the one. A shaft had already been drilled from the seabed down, had a GRP liner installed with a flange on the bottom and a steel end plate, which had all been fully grouted in. We drove the TBM underneath it, I think we had 50-75mm clearance. The machine was stripped out, leaving just the steel shell. We then cut a hole in the top of the shell to find the bottom of the GRP riser. I say hole, out TBM was about 3.3m diameter, and the flange was about 2m, so it turned into a pretty big hole, a few rock bolts and some shotcrete was involved. We then bolted a transition bellmouth
  10. Ed

    Funny looking boat

    Given the price of that machine you wouldn’t want to leave It behind! This machine is called Blanche, Waterview was indeed Alice. The one still under Mairangi Bay was Amelia Rose, and the Hobson Bay machine was Lily. This one was specifically designed for retrieval off the seabed, much the same as the ones we did in Christchurch and Dunedin. Mairangi Bay however was a different story. Much bigger diameter, and also 30m below the seabed. Trying to put in an offshore shaft to recover it would have been prohibitive, both from a cost and ecological point of view. Inst
  11. Spotted in the travel lift in gulf harbour
  12. Brand new in the box, only problem is it was bought by a well meaning relative in the UK and sent over. Hence it's basically useless here as its balanced for the northern hemisphere, and unless you hold it at a funny angle the card doesn't turn. Ideal for someone going on a round the world cruise. Will swap for rum
  13. Ed


    Seems like Iker Martinez is up to his neck in a rule 69 infraction after being found to have illegally modified his Nacra. My guess is he'll get banned until after the next Olympics at least
  14. The SI's and the words in that link say Motuihe to Starboard for the NZ rigging course, but the picture is drawn passing Motuihe to port. I presume the SI's take precedence....
  15. The constrictor clutches are a piece of cake to release under load, however one of their drawbacks is that they are almost too easy to release under load. Some swear by them, others swear at them, I'm in the former camp but ymmv
  16. Racetrack is down at the moment, is it just me or is something going on?
  17. Rig canting often used on tri's (big and small) due to the dihedral leaning the rig over to leeward all the time, and the lift from the rig pushing the boat into the water rather than driving it forward, its relatively easy to set it ip so its about right most of the time. Cats are a bit more difficult in that regard as they sit level, so the systems aren't as widespread. Looking at the photo, the rig is bending on the top half, this can be a god thing for gust response, but if you are looking for more power then a set of top mast side stays may help support the rig above the hounds, t
  18. Ed

    R2AK 2018

    And as luck would have it, Charleston is for sale...
  19. Boat 2, the diam 24, used this stuff while on Westhaven marina for the summer, worked well by all accounts.
  20. Attitude's mast is horizontal at the moment for a rigging refresh (and also waiting for a new main), however i'll be helping out on the Lady Gaga
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