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  1. Just use your common sence with everything , or the what should I do if , , ,, it’s camping on water , take food water for the time afloat. , take spares , battery’s it goes on common sence with everything , remember you can’t duck off to the shop your on water , take what you need
  2. The photos look bigger than a 1/2 tonner inside , same era as my boat , a little tumblehone , fat at the bulkhead , fine in the entry , good to watch your progress
  3. Myjane


    We did the volvo three blade folder 16x9 and never any issues , great in reverse and in a seaway it’s steady 6 plus , great
  4. Teak oil or brywax is much the same I have brought both they are kind of a varnish , need time to dry , befor recoating if you use housing oil you will be doing it again soon , I binned the timber rails and had them made in stainless and there lies the end of the subject most of the housing oils can’t handle the weather , sail , and most of all teak hates foreign oils most of the time they go black after oiled in time
  5. Myjane

    New Sails

    Just had my jib changed to fit a furler ,we t to Dennis Conway in mainly , great job , priced well below what I thought , sail fits well and sets better than it did on Hanks , so going to get him to make me a new working jib next year , give him a try
  6. Myjane

    Boat wifi

    The spark my920 sounds interesting tell more I am trying to do this with out a phone to connect to Is that possible, my phone is 25 years old same plan all that time with telecom , maby I have to change , ,,,,
  7. Myjane

    Boat wifi

    Wifi on the marina , in coastal bays etc
  8. Myjane

    Boat wifi

    How do I get wifi on the boat without having the phone to connect to , for I pad etc
  9. Orange one looks like a witting 25
  10. I have I think 316 straps either side o foot the chain blocks wich are seen and I autosol polish these once a year when I think of it and no signs of any corrosion ,I hope they are no like this behind
  11. What’s causing this , it can’t be the stainless
  12. I have the 5500 as a back up and it’s doing it two only good at night
  13. Myjane

    The rebuild

    Looks like they were laying a new boat up
  14. Shame he left the boat , nice yacht ,
  15. Myjane

    It floats

    Looks good well done
  16. SAN Fran yes that’s an option but I want to go slugs
  17. Where can I get sail slides very small , for my new furler i fitted the Alado make with ease and now having the sail changed to suit
  18. Myjane

    Bus crash

    Well well the self driving bus full of passengers crashed today in Las Vegas and they are blaming human error , no , surly not , no humans were driving it
  19. Well well you could go by sea the weather is Okish on the weekend
  20. Myjane

    Marine toilets

    Wheels you. Have to use ricebran oli it lasts well pure rice squeezed buy hand pure natural good for the dunny
  21. Myjane

    Exterior plugs

    Knot me you can still buy them I have a couple for spares they are good there is a plastic version but like the s/s ones good for auto helm and spot light plugs
  22. Myjane

    Warm battery

    Thanks island time from what is said I think the panels were constantly trying to ad power and the old battery not responding , the new battery is awaiting me to get to town to collect , but he’s i remember when I use the power charger the battery is loop warm so would be the same , I disconnected it to be safe
  23. Myjane

    Warm battery

    I have stuffed battery and new one waiting to be picked up ,always switched of when boat is unattended. Solar panels always connected as you would , today it was warm , fluid ok connections s ok , is the old battery not excepting solar charge ,I disconnected the solar panels till new battery’s arrive in case any untoward happens is it normal
  24. Myjane


    Yes the kamado stuf is interesting , I have herd a rumour namsang was lifted and being fixed , still working on it , love to se some person of honourable means take a project like this he would end up with a top boat
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