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    Keel bolts

    Yes they have some slight green on the nuts All polished highly as they are seen I tried to spanned one that had the loose washer and I could see the bolt twist a tad , so will soak with crc the day before to help tighten it when ready
  2. Myjane


    I stoped at an 88 today and the forstay can move in a couple of positions o nether catspaw fitting
  3. Myjane

    Keel bolts

    How do you tell s/s or monel by look I and helping a mate on his boat and noticed a keel bolt washer loose and going to twitch it up in a day or two How can you tell in looks monel or stainless ,or is there a different
  4. Myjane


    Proberly the forstay nose cone is slightly bigger ,
  5. Well done world one down maby a lesson to others
  6. I have a mate who had the same issue and he was allmost suisidel with worry , ,his engine was brand new , could not reach full rpm pumps sent away , blamed the engine suppliers ,and any body standing ,it was his fuel lines were old , clogged. And two small ,, but the cost was open cheque book to the helpers , the suppliers of the engine did a,, they could as it was x factory owner fit ,but they helped were ever they could , sorry for your mate
  7. It’s the wet weather gear full of water I tried it. It’s almost impossible to move with it on , you can’t swim , kick your legs , trying to paddle with your arms is same The mob is totally reliant on being picked up , try and get the sea boots off Don’t go over the side ,
  8. These gadgets are ok but they have to be on deck ready or you’ll loose your mob involved the swells , some years ago I was sailing back from paiha in 15 18 knots on the wind and a lumpy sea , a dinghy came in sight straight ahead , I passed it Eased away from the wind Gybed ,and went to where I saw the dinghy was no where to be seen I rounded up hoved to , and way back I saw a white thing in the swell s it had gone down wind at a fair speed ,I ran down till it was in good sight rounded up Hooked it with the boat hook and grabbed the painter , , hard messy boat handling on my own but
  9. Thanks all for this learning curve , what I will do is one step at a time. Sail being cut down a 100 mills as it was topping out between the tack and the head if the furler and not getting the halyard tension More kiwi slides are being fitted they were two far apart so I will be able to tension the furler foil tighter so may look better on the stay , I had put a turn on the forstay earlyier , so will try it again with the updated sail , my back stay doesn’t have a continuous Y stay with the pull blocks linked to pull on tension , it has a broken Y with the block purchase in the Y I may hav
  10. Silly question here ,is the 2 mtr measurement on all size rigs ,
  11. Tried to load a pic if the sag . Thanks all you guys the reading has been good I have learned a lot. As befor the rig has been good , I believe the rigger set it up right but I can’t remember if he did the measurement thing , but tell tails from the input here lend it is ok I think , the lowers just loose hard on wind Mast looks straight I do remember him using a gadget to true the mast , mast hard on the wind on both tacks has a small amount of sag over length The jib is in the sail makers yesterday having more kiwi slides fitted as they were a bit far apart as seen in the pic ,,,,
  12. Thanks wheels it’s about 8 inches , rolls up ok
  13. Ok iam in others hands here , single spreader , swept back ,one set of lowers swept ,set of caps swept both lowers and caps meet at the same chain plate no inner baby stay One fore and aft stay a 6 stay rig same as say Eliott 1050 etc
  14. Hi I added a furler last year rig was fine before with the foil on being the Alado model it seems to have the sag , the rigging wire is dyform so no stretch ,I am consuming what you are saying , spreaders are swept back yes ,back stay I can’t haul any more it just bends the rig ,so is it the caps. No running back stays. Y stay pull adjust vire blocks on the back stay
  15. Hi have a 13 mtr 7/8 rig , and the forstay sag is getting me down. ,I have done the back stay bit , added a few turns to the fore stay , and still it sags , has dyform wire very good condition the fore stay , and caps all meet same at the hounds so I am feeling caps could help here and lowers to keep all straight ,, furler has sag around 8 inches sighting against the halyard The boat climbs so high , the speed is way up there, helm is perfect , main sets perfect , just the sag worries me , any idears
  16. Myjane


    On my last off shore I was on watch And spotted a light ,it was time to go off watch. The hole time I was in the bunk I started to here a deep boom boom boom noise, when I came up again it was about 4 in the morning just starting to be light on the horizon, I saw a ship on our corse parallel with us some three hundred mtrs away I could see through the wheel house and didn’t not look like anybody was in there ,then lost it again in the swell ,the next time I saw it we had to alter corse , , amazing how the noise traveled hours before ,,
  17. I think on the wind one keel raises up , down wind they fly sharp angles so the windward keel is down I think
  18. I just replaced the main halyard , I tried several idears but the one that worked was out with the needle I stitched the two together loosely about an inch apart three stitches ,tied off , pulled it to see if it was strong and some electrical tape around , presto worked perfect with the inch gap allowed the old halyard to go over the pull and the new to follow , no mad pulling or tugging and out it cam of the mast , good luck
  19. Myjane

    Furler fail...

    It looks like dissimilar metals with the corrosion in the foil , this time paint hot wax into the joint , push together and refasten
  20. Myjane


    They look like Hanson stuff , I binned there’s and went to the john guest system and never looked back , oh it never leaked either that was 20 years ago
  21. Nothing they will go through a verble test with you or they will skipper for you , if you know your bouys beckons , port , stab , read a gps , depth sounder , pay the deposit , refundable no damage to the boat your off , I have a friend in grease at present , only sailed with me odd times they passed the test and off they are , two months at sea , they contacted a company and asked , the company said just come over , we will help ,
  22. Myjane

    Great weekend

    But the wind wasn’t always where we needed it ?
  23. Myjane

    Great weekend

    That looks like Katie in the back serving drinks yes the water line it’s gone man
  24. Myjane

    Great weekend

    I had Friday night 20 kts on the nose sw going west tight lay to maharangi , lite the rest of the trip
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