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  1. Any body here sell halyard braid I am after 30 mtr 12 mill for main halyard
  2. The honeycomb systerm s been around for a while the problem there is water ingress , but I love the spring boom vang I will look into that
  3. Do they have haul out space there
  4. Myjane

    Jetski idiots

    I was talking to Cameron Slater yesterday he’was telling me the rules.
  5. Myjane

    Jetski idiots

    Harbour master was at arkles serving fines on jet skis yesterday for not having the rego numbers ! It’s a start
  6. Myjane

    Jetski idiots

    Yes I had the same today one came roaring past my bow while I was under sail close I could not see the ski only the riders head doing good speed , they are a worry ,
  7. Thanks al the same wheels thanks for your help , one will turn up
  8. Hi once you locate things let me know I will pay postage’s or what ever to whangaparoa many thanks wheels
  9. Thanks wheels are you on the coast I can mail you etc thanks
  10. Thankyou wheels life saver the 5600 was a good unit
  11. Looking for a Navman 5500 power cable any body think they may have one it’s a 8 pin plug into the set Push ,turn type I don’t use it much but has its own aerial and handy as a back up
  12. Ours doesnt last long enough , but if we look at like this ,,it goes into the fridge for about an hour and a half ,,, fridge uses 4.5 amps an hour plus 2 amps for the half hour = cold enough , at 6 amps simple drink up
  13. Myjane


    Yes the. 50 mtr rule was not contested and should be ,,I don’t fathom what kind of person introduced this obvious not a boating person , or one with any logic in this world , we boaties should all get together and protest the rule as being highly dangerous, imagine the bow wake from a 100 tonne ship passing 50 mtrs away , they even slow down ,in courtesy to others ,
  14. Myjane

    New Sails

    Sail makers don’t have canceled orders sanfran , it’s to expensive ,most sail makers take a healthy deposit before cutting cloth
  15. Island time thanks , fitted today and works a treat , once the tail comes out of the cleat I just tailed off around the drum , it’s staying on the furler So sowed a leather cover around the halyardand down over the top sheath to protect the foil ,very tidy and the two two one purchase is adequate. Will head out for a sail to test tomorrow I used 8 mill braid and goestight in the cleat clam well Thanks again all
  16. Ok I found the lazer vang pullies and am splicing through the braid now thanks island time for your input and photos and the others help. ,two heads are better than one thanks
  17. I’ve come to the right place. Yess Your onto it thanks You must have the cut halyard so as not to have all the halyard to stow once sail is up
  18. Ok does the pull have a cleat in the sidesforhalyard to fasten into
  19. Island time can you link the systerm you use. The cleat seems biggish mysail tack is In the drum with a pin through and the head is close to the pullies up top ,
  20. Ok seen it , maby. The only thing is it needs to roll up in the when rolled home inside the sail
  21. The laser kicker block ,I have 8 mill halyard on a 11 mtr haul I will search it
  22. Idears please , I and a mate have put on the Alado furlers , fantastic , best systerm I have used , best quality. Easy to fit , no fuss. They have a pulley top and bottom for there own halyard , so no mast halyards getting twisted , or top fitting binding up causing probs So we haul the sail , wetie a hitch in the line to tension the luff , tie off the excesshalyard Bingo , so what other way can we tension the halyard Thoughts I have had , two to one block systerm , hifield type of lever on the foil , what else ,simple , is there So the halyard comes down the foil sail is up and t
  23. It’s now a proaha boat but didinot stand up to sail
  24. Myjane


    We don’t want to get carried away picking about kids having fun , but out on the water , they could move the markers Further away to allow some boats to anchor for a while , maby or as they do in the USA Lane the fiz boats
  25. Myjane


    I was anchored in arkles for a few hours today Tidying up cleaning and just pottering as we do , skiboat raws past towing a kid on a blowup , then a jet ski raws past towing the same , both only meters away , i raw down stairs to save the sausages on the pan , then they turn and head back , Then another one just launched prepares to do the same , , now there’s is three of them all towing there kids ,the boom is going nuts , the sausages had to be turned off so pull pick and moved the water was to lumpy , can’t these tosses learn to go out of the bay and do there towing thing further out
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