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  1. Kia ora Steve. Thanks for you encouraging words about the triple bypass. It's a tough time for me deciding what to do about the boat. Even before the "event" it was becoming a bit hard for me to handle the 30 footer alone (my wife Joanna has a bad back and is not much interested these days). Can I ask you what type of boat you sail?
    Kevin McCready 马凯文
    32 Hawera Rd  
    Kohimarama 1071
    Auckland, New Zealand
    twitter @kmccready and @gutlessgu

    1. Steve Pope

      Steve Pope

      Hi Kevin, My wife lost interest as well hence most of my solo sailing, Sadly she died last June of a medical stuff up, so I am definitely a solo sailor now. My wonderful yacht, which a very good friend calls a flounder is a Trismus 37, one of about 36 alloy ones built in Brittany in France in the late 1970's. There have been around 400 built, mostly of composite / fibreglass etc. She is a twin centre board (in line boards) cutter she draws 2m boards down and 1m with them up. The main board add 1m and the aft board (under the cockpit adds .75m. She has been a world ship having been to the arctic from France then to Alaska via the Horn, the pacific islands (milk route) and has been in NZ since the 1990's.

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