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  1. One tack from Mana in a NW? Seems like thatd be pointing pretty close. Isnt D'Urville pretty much dead NW of mana?
  2. Thanks Tim, That sounds pretty good. A run through that pass, with the tide, sounds like a lot of fun! I dont suppose you know what the prevailing winds are this time of year, east of the sounds?
  3. Hello all I am looking at taking an h28 from Mana over into Golden Bay around end of October. Was thinking Mana -> D'Urville, hole up there for the night, then across Tasman bay to Pohara. Anyone have any idea of the conditions going across to D'Urville, and a good spot to spend the night? I hear we may be beating NW up to D'Urville, but that Tasman Bay is usually a nice sail. Also, how long would the legs roughly take? Cheers, Nick
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