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    Hello got a reaction from ex Elly in Issues with YNZ   
    Outside of Auckland?
    I went through YNZ only to be put onto my local club (Gulf Harbour) and got no where. I was given a single telephone number and given the flick by Gulf Harbour, arrogant and snooty are two words that come to mind when I now think of yachting. I tried to contact the next club (Manly) no one got back to me. After waiting weeks for a reply, the only one I got was from the so called head coach who was long gone. So much for trying to learn how to sail and even get my family involved.
    I did a course via Penny, which was great, but that was over 12 months ago. Now I fear that I have left it too long as I cannot get any experience or time on the water. I wanted to get my family involved as well but struggle to know where to turn to when even the clubs are not interested.
    YNZ take note! I am speaking from a nubie who has no contacts, no 'clicky' insider rich buddies. No insider knowledge on the yachting scene. My two closets clubs are not interested in me, they are not interested in taking on my family and more importantly my son, who is their future. YNZ are only interested in their rich, snooty old school members. If YNZ was interested in promoting sailing, how is that I'm living in the biggest city in New Zealand surrounded by water and have spent the last eighteen months struggling to get out sailing. Why is it that the clubs are not interested? Why can't I get into this as a family? Why am I here even here writing this? When I should be involved in a positive, pro active organisation that is friendly, helpful and well organised. YNZ you are an embarrassment!
    You may have the nice web page with all the bells and whistles, but this is just a front for a shambles. An organisation in deep trouble, one that has no interest in gaining new members (young or old). You tell me why I have been given the flick by two clubs? You explain to me why I can't go sailing in this city? And get my family involved?
    I wait with such anticipation for you reply.
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    Hello got a reaction from vikimoore in Crew Wanted - Christchurch/Lyttelton   
    What a nice organisation, something that seems to be lacking up here in Auckland(from what I've seen) after trying to learn how to sail and take the next step.
    I hope that people take advantage of this.
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