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  1. Had 12% first and then stepped up to 20% ( foot length). Thing you will notice most is the ease with which you can control ragging when the breeze gets up. Wouldn't go back to a pin head.(Ross 8.5m)
  2. I have a brand new speed unit if it helps. Still in box. I needed the paddle wheel!
  3. Single Handed Racing again this Sunday with Bucks.Starts at 10.00AM. Will still likely be the biggest fleet for the season, as it aways is.
  4. Good to see the mini transat beginning to fire.
  5. Racing again this weekend with Richmond Yacht Club. Harbour course and a 1.00PM start. Extras and no extras divisions. You can enter for the day. See you there.
  6. Changed

    Fleet sizes

    Single handed racing starts with Richmond this weekend. Only two boats over 30'.
  7. Briefing at RYC tomorrow evening from 6.30PM (drinks).
  8. Time to join the Vining Marine Facebook page. A good way to link to the action.
  9. Changed

    BMW D7

    Have you tried Moons?
  10. Hopefully SIs out next week. First two races Sat and Sun 7 & 8 October.
  11. We're back again!!! The Vining's Marine Single Handed Series 2017 - 2018. Enthusiastic sponsors, supportive clubs and a great race programme of 11 races which will include a SH regatta weekend racing to Kawau, a gulf race returning to Kawau, for the party, and a race home. The first weekend of racing will be on the 7th & 8th October hosted by the Ponsonby Cruising Club. Get the last SSANZ race away and then start to prepare. Sailing instructions and entry details soon to follow.
  12. Has anyone followed what happened to the Ceramco?
  13. Manawa (Marauder)-went around NZ a couple of summers ago. Thomson 8.5 completed the RNI a few years back. Cool Change (Ross 8.5) RNI twice. Adrian Hayter's book Sheilla in the wind (I think) is a great read. Pretty small too.
  14. A brilliant day to return to Auckland.
  15. The RNI 2017- a Cool Change perspective The blast of the horn from the Westhaven Tower signals the end. That sound signals the end of three years of preparation and build up (and a return to work). The RNI is an iconic race. On the ‘face of it’ it doesn’t seem too difficult but in reality it delivers a range of conditions that are not able to be emulated in the Hauraki Gulf. Second time round did make it a little easier, but no matter how much preparation is done you can still expect the unexpected. This time around we had focused more on dealing with comfort issues. Stopping leaks, dr
  16. Nice day to finish. Role on next summer.
  17. This is the last race in this seasons Vining's Single Handed Series. Race is this Saturday, 8th April, starting off the DYC clubrooms at 9.00AM. Course is Rangitoto, Motutapu and Motuihe to starboard with the finish back of the clubrooms. SIs on; http://richmondyc.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2016-17-Singlehanded-Series-NOR.pdf The more the merrier.
  18. Changed

    Gas bottles

    Got rid of the piped gas. Jet boil is the way to go. Fast, efficient and portable. Also made a gimballed cooker using a pot with a small gas burner fitted into a hole in the base. Pot is gimballed and is the same diameter as the kettle. Cheap and efficient.
  19. Another memorable event this year.Unfortunately e had to make a compulsory stop at Gisborne to await a new stay. but what a stopover!!!! We were very fortunate not to lose our rig when a lower shroud broke in the early hours of Saturday morning just short of East Cape. A quick tack and a very long motor back to Gisborne saved the day. Thanks to Steve at SSANZ a new stay was delivered Sunday. Lucky we only suspended racing and didn't withdraw. Gisborne was an amazing unscheduled stopover fir the fior boats who sought shelter.
  20. Entries close this Friday 18th November. We need some small boats to race against. Anyone planning to do it and not entered?
  21. Race 3 this Sunday - Racing with Richmond YC. This is a harbour course but does include extras this year.Notice of race is on the RYC web site.This years series is known as the Vining's Single Handed Series.
  22. The Pons(KM) did a great job hosting our opening event. Great racing on both days and the weather played ball. Results will be of the Pons and RYC websites.
  23. http://www.pcc.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/PCC_NOR_SingleHanded2016.pdf This the link to Ponsonby Club's single handed weekend om tthe 8 & 9, next weekend..
  24. You could clean ot in your gumboots Ken.Nice sandy beach= you won't even get wet.
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