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  1. The HCs used were the PHRF weren't they? Didin't see any problem with the staggered start. There are two divisions. Corinthian boats are racing against Corinthian boats. In the end we're all there for our own reasons anyway and I guess if we don't like the SIs then we don't go. The nice thing about the staggered start for the BW will be that we should all be there for the barbie on Saturday.
  2. We're committed to thte Brin Wison race with RAYC.
  3. 11.55AM for us slow boats and 6.25PM for the big boys. That's the warning signal times. Meant to be having a party and prizegiving at Kawau Saturday night.
  4. Who coming, besides the old hardy's?
  5. Any one know the actual start time. The Gold Cup and Southern 600 instructions give different times.
  6. No SH this weekend Gary. Balokovic next Friday so still a couple of things to get ready. Are you doing that?
  7. The theory behind moulded carbon is to reduce point loading I think. If you are building out of ss don't forget to gussett the corner bends. For me carbon was cheaper and meant that I didn't have to drill the rudder.
  8. Before you launch into stainless. Have you considered carbon. I have the same profile as TS. We turned a couple of self lubricating plastic bobbons, hot glued them in line, line them up with the pin, coved with expoxy and then wrapped then in eight layers of carbon inoes with a couple of interspersed layers of double bias. Mint. No rust and stood the test of the White Island race (first night). The lower SS gudgeon sheared on the way to the Bay OI in 2008.
  9. Changed

    SR nationals?

    You just own a boat I think!! What about the Balokovic Cup? Anyone else doing it?
  10. I've painted the topsides of my boat. Am reasonably pleased. Couple of tips. If it's a warm day add a little retarder thinners to give you a longer 'wet edge'. Cover at night, even when you thinks it's dry! Any moisture will kill the gloss. Many good coats are better than one heavy coat, which will sag. Sand between coats and use a tack cloth. Don't use an old rag soaked in thinners. Don't rush the job. It will take time. Work across the boat in sections. Learn as you go.
  11. It wasn't that long ago in NZ that there was nothing else to do in the weekends, shops were shut, few worked weekends, pubs were closed and people raced to Kawau to get a drink at the elephant house! Nowadays there are real choices and us blokes have compromised by becoming mall, brunch and coffee junkies. Even I have learned to compromise - a little.
  12. Not sure I agree completely. I think small boats have less appeal and many in yachting like to cruise their boats over summer, a time when the stripped out racer is less of an attractive proposition. In this years White Island race we were the smallest in the fleet at 8m. Big ups to RAYC for making it cat 3 + which opened it up to smaller boats, but still didn't get them there. Maybe it's time, certainly not money, cause if you owned a boat at cat 3 it was easy to get hold of the additional items needed if you were looking for the challenge that these longer races offer. In New Zealand yacht
  13. The scarey thing is that we are borrowing $250mill a week to help pay for it all!!! And we will have to pay that back sometime or at least our children and grand children will. I think the bureaucrats are developing a seige mentality which naturally has ever increasing implications for our personal freedom.
  14. I went to the bank before my son in laws stag do!!!!!
  15. FNG message me as I can help with presentation gear. 0275827271
  16. I'm sure that anyone will be able to fit out the escape hatch after a few days at sea alone on a mini!
  17. Changed

    Marine windows

    If I was doing mine again KM I would just glass up the holes. No leaks and good longitudinal stiffness. Put the window shapes on with black sticky if you need the look!
  18. Changed

    Marine windows

    If you cut a potato the shape of the cove you wants it smooths the gunk beautifully. The gunk doesn't stick. Remember to peel it though.
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