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  1. Its stuffed. "Sealed" batteries are not sealed, they are valve regulated, and can still off gas if overcharged. You need a proper 3 stage regulator for your solar panel. If it was at float voltage it would have taken years for the battery to get low on electrolyte, let alone dry. So, if you have a regulator for the solar, its not working properly, or not programmed properly. If you dont, you need one.
  2. I know several of the people involved in this Auckland cluster. Covid test results in 30 hours. People have got slack in level 1. Every business is still required to display a code. Even though I work from home, I have one on The front door. That has given me a 3rd level casual contact with this cluster. The mutual customer of mine and the company that the electrician works for is in quarantine. I did not have to unless he tested positive or developed symptoms. He has not, and has tested negative. This has been a bit of wake up call, I was getting a bit slack in code recording. I've be
  3. If you seal it completely, that will kill it prematurely. The issue is both heat and cooling changing internal pressure, but also the volume change when the rod moves in and out. There is an internal rubber bellows/seal that moves to allow for this. If you seal it, it won’t move.
  4. Sad news indeed. That’s a bit close, I remember David from my dingy sailing days. RIP :-(
  5. Maybe the rally boats have it best, Motor sailing!
  6. Tracker is here https://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/race/nzmyc Pretty light, 2 knots off Kawau...
  7. Today, American Magic and ETNZ both out...
  8. The Pelargic is not the same as the std tillerpilots - its twice the price to begin with. Its a proper offshore pilot, although personally I don't like a drive unit on the ram. I like to hide it below deck out of the weather....
  9. Well, for that boat an local use ( NOT offshore) I'd go for a Simrad. TP22 or TP32 (the 32 is faster and more powerful). I've replaced a fair few raymarine units with these for customers, they mostly love them. However, they are not (despite what the advertising stuff says) suitable for offshore - plastic connections to tiller, plastic gears etc. They will last for years for gulf cruising at the weekend though. IMO still more robust, better tiller connection and better software than the raymarine. The best addition you can make to these is to add an external compass - the precision
  10. I think that is a pretty common issue with YNZ for our members of Crew.org. I've copied the link to this thread to a YNZ board member....
  11. OK, Richmond YC have this penciled in their calendar for the 23rd Dec. I'm under some (family) pressure this year to be in Wellington by then. So, either I find one or two people who would like to step up, or we wont have it. Is anyone keen to run it on the day? I'm happy to help/do the organisation, but I'll be away from the 19th... Please let me know if anyone is keen.
  12. Depends on what you are used to. There are some that are almost the equivalent of hard shell kayak, but they are pricey. If it's a toy, then there are cheaper options. If you are used to a proper sea kayak, or DRR boat, you'll be disappointed! But, they can be better than a sit-on-top, which IMO is not a kayak!
  13. Please dont post the same post in multiple locations. Most here use the "unread posts " function, so they will see it in any section. Thanks. And welcome aboard!
  14. Its good when you're racing - can see the rudder and keel for weed etc pretty easily. Also shows any slime so it looks dirty a lot - I tended to clean it more, and therefore rub it off! As a antifoul it was mediocre ...
  15. I was going through some old logs for my Daughter, who asked about something, and I came across this log of the 2010 Solo Tasman. I thought some here might be interested, but sorry I'm not the writer that our friend who just completed the South Island circumnavigation is! The Voyages of SV Island Time We begin the record of Island Times voyage at Mana Cruising Club, just north of Wellington, New Zealand late in January 2010. New Zealand has very strict safety regulations for offshore yachts, and before you can leave you have to have the boat up to a large standard
  16. make sure to rinse the waterblaster. Some people have used waterblaster pumps to make DIY watermakers. They go for 1-2 years b4 they fail due to corrosion....
  17. Totally different argument, sorry. General tourists (by plane) pose a huge and difficult to control (expensive to quarantine) risk to NZ. The cruising sailboats, on the other hand, are easy to quarantine (anchor out, remove dinghy, or behind barriers on wharf/marina) for the little time they have left in quarantine. Then take the economic benefit that they can provide. On a daily basis, the average cruiser will spend less than the average tourist, but as they are here longer, and often refit, it adds up... Little risk, with good benefits, we should do it. IMO.
  18. Nautical insurance in Christchurch.
  19. any on board email can do this - send an email formatted like this: to; report@marinetraffic.com See.... https://help.marinetraffic.com/hc/en-us/articles/205327427-Can-I-e-mail-my-position-reports-to-you Sailmail is a great service, and what I use at sea.
  20. Fish, if you think the average cruising boat, or crew, is up to a trip around Cape Horn, you are sadly mistaken. You are underestimating the difficulties of that voyage, and the suitability of these vessels and their crews. Mostly. Some could, but they would be uncommon exceptions. The other way (W) is possible, and boats go that way every year. However most of these boats would not have the endurance to do a non stop voyage of more than a month, they's need fuel, gas and provisions along the way. Right now they cant get any of that. Anywhere. Most cruisers take YEARS to complete a
  21. French Polynesia; https://www.noonsite.com/place/french-polynesia/formalities/#biosecurity-section
  22. I can see boats being stuck in that area. Can't go to Hawaii at this time of year, its their cyclone season, and unless you are a US citizen or have a valid B1/B2 visa (for which you have to be in your own country to apply, and may have to have an interview) . Although Cyclones are rare in Tahiti, or any part of French Polynesia, they do happen. (Nov-March) Going north at this time of year is not a great idea either, but can be done in 6-8 weeks if you are lucky.
  23. Most there are not cruisers, and dont understand offshore cruising or ocean voyaging in average boats...
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