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  1. Absolutely. That is what the ones in the above example were.
  2. Kevin, if the batts are improving, they are sulfated. A really good discharge then a "robust" charge can help. High rates of charge and an equalization voltage can break up the sulfation.
  3. Agreed! I often wonder how reflective of society as a whole this site actually is. I realize that its more of the affluent end, due to the nature of boat owners, but still....
  4. Some of you might find this interesting. I have a customer who had new batts, alternator, external reg, shorepower and solar fitted by another electrical company about a year or so ago. Recently his house batts failed. They were quality AGM units. Investigation showed they had less than 30% of design capacity, after one year. Further investigation shows the batteries to be badly sulfated, due to charging voltages being too low. The Shorepower charger is a victron Centaur, the Alt reg is a Balmar, and the solar controller an EPever. Investigation of these shows the Vi
  5. Winter passages to Ausy are unusual. Most boats doing this do it in Feb/March/April. The Tasman sea is a place to be respected, esp in winter. Good luck!
  6. I have today restricted posts by members to 5 per day. This is an attempt to prevent individual users from effectively spamming the site.
  7. Again, if you see a particular post that breeches site rules, then report it. If I agree that it does, then the poster will be warned. 3 Warnings is a mandatory banning for 30 days, 3 repeats of that is a permanent revocation of posting rights. I try to stay unbiased. Its interesting to see the positive and negative comments sent to me about moderation decisions, often opposite for the same decision. I could use another Moderator. Anyone keen?? Send me a PM. No controversial members will be considered! Some here cannot seem to accept that others have opinions that contradict their ow
  8. Well Rehab, sorry but I find some of your posts very difficult to follow, including the one above. I use a stack pack on island time, and slab reefing. Full Length battens make a stack pack easier. The only time they are a minor issue is on the hoist, but having slugs on the main means I usually go head to wind for hoist and drop anyway, to help reduce friction. I just have to watch the main on hoist so the end of the two lower battens does not catch. I do remove the stack pack if I'm doing a real race, but mostly not. For a cruiser over about 34 ft, I would not be without one.
  9. Island Time

    Nanni Diesels

    Nannis are either Kubota or Toyota base, depending on model. No issues rebuilding either.
  10. No problem. Put the vulcan upstairs in the wet, and only use the tablet below, where its dry? What tablets does not make much difference, whatever you have is best. If your're buying one specifically for the boat, then a ruggedised unit might be best, or even a lifeproof case. Trouble with the case is it isn't waterproof when charging...
  11. Sorry the Vulcan does not support that, its non networkable. You'll need 2 nav cards, or a Zeus unit (Current is Zeus3).
  12. Show me a pic of the transducer connector. I might have one in my junk pile..... And the transducer test machine is MUCH more expensive than a new transducer! Most Marine electronics places dont have a tester, meerly a few spare transducers....
  13. There is no easy/cheap way to test the transducer that I know of, other than one of these (http://www.airmar.com/productdescription.html?id=193) or swapping it out ...
  14. Bed it tape is not just butyl: “ Please be aware however that Bed-It Tape is not a "butyl tape" it is a hybrid product with butyl in the mix. We only use the term "butyl" because many folks are aware of that consistency wise.. Bed-It Tape was formulated by Compass Marine Inc. in partnership our manufacturers lab. “
  15. Agreed, but the issue when you dont know what you're doing is that you also dont know what's out there. You dont know what you dont know. I did some pretty dumb things in that area many years ago when I was learning!
  16. Absolutely not. GPS position should be regularly checked against the real world. A transit, a depth contour, a charted mark/marker all these things can easily be used to verify your position. Checking your compass every time you are on a known bearing, be it a transit, or leading markers, whatever. Errors of over 5 degrees mean the compass should be adjusted. Modern electronics are just an AID to navigation, and as I said above, three points of agreeing data make you safe. The fewer, the more risk of an "accident". However, some are happy to use only a GPS plotter. Boats of all sizes
  17. There are lots of versions. They can be very different. You may be able to source something similar, and it may or may not work as well.
  18. I again reiterate. Three sources of data makes for safe navigation. Eg gps position on a plotter, depth and visual. If it's dark, radar or a fix from light/lights etc. This is basic navigation.
  19. Not available in NZ as far as I know. I imported a couple of rolls from here https://marinehowto.com/bed-it-tape/ did not take long to get it, but might be slower at the moment!
  20. You can download a PDF of US chart 1 from here; https://nauticalcharts.noaa.gov/publications/docs/us-chart-1/ChartNo1.pdf
  21. Bed it tape for deck hardware. Works great, never sets, and is removable and waterproof.
  22. Anyone want one? https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2634106500&ed=true
  23. Yep. The initial grab strength of the adhesive is pretty high, and the working time is pretty short, so it's much easier if there is two of you to position the windows. Ive done a few sets now with Quilosa MS35, and not a single leak. Its great stuff, and inexpensive. It sticks like the proverbial S.T.A.B , and don't use it in direct afternoon sun in summer, it goes off too fast! A plank down the stanchions and a couple of timer braces will work fine for the required force to hold the window temporarily, it wont need much if any with the grab strength of the product. Take plenty of thinn
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