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  1. Replacing a clear is not too hard. Normal practice is to sew it in over the old one, then cut out the old. Hard is making a dodger from scratch.
  2. My understanding currently is that you just subscribe to priority data $2 GB.
  3. Most marine canvas makers will replace clears for you. Depends where you are who may be recommended
  4. So the 12v conversion is like this, these devices are smaller than image depicts, and i used a little usb c powered router to replace the starlink (not the one in the image, thats a pic from online, not mine)
  5. Oh, the plan for the boat is now "local roam" local is NZ.. $200/m Stupid pic is sideways...
  6. Yep, done the 12v conversion. Pretty straight forward, with a 12-48v dc-dc adapter, then a poe adapter, then a ethernet to starlink cable adapter. All available online. I had to cut my starlink cable to get it (physically) thru the stern mount, and then shorten for the install. Pretty easy, and been on the boat this weekend using it. Speeds been variable from about 60 Mb/s to about 170. Netflix, TV on demand, whatever all works great, as does wifi calling from the boat when no or poor cellular connection.
  7. Heaps of other boats with families out there. They won't be bored. Ever. The cruising community is cool.
  8. Although Island Time is a Phase 4 not a 1220, similar issue. I splashed out and bought a folding wheel...
  9. the wind gen is facing abeam....
  10. Sledge Hammer coming to market soon as well
  11. monthly - switch off/on when you like...
  12. Well, finally decided that I needed my own starlink system, as customers have them and/or are asking about them. Bought it from Noel Leemings - about $350. It comes with a router for WIFI and powering the antenna, a power cord, and a router to antenna cord. That's it, and that's all you need for a 230v setup. It's really easy to do, basically go to starlink.com, and create an account. It asks for the KIT number for your antenna, and then credit card details. I chose the basic local roam plan, $199/month. Setup was easy - basically plug it in, name your WIFI network, and allocate a password. 5
  13. Does not look right to me. I'd say yes, photoshopped...
  14. I just remembered - there was an issue with 18.3 breaking wifi1 units when updated on a Zeus2. I suggest you call Navico support 08004628426. They'll still have the fix available - it was 2019!
  15. Ah, Zeus2, and gofree. Should have read the question! Are you on latest software? A while back Apple changed the default security on the Iphones. Right now I cant recall to what, but a good idea to make sure all the SW is up to date 1st...
  16. Make sure in personal hotspot "maximise compatibility" is selected
  17. NZ resident as owner WILL be charged GST/Duty on arrival.
  18. This is interesting. Commitment! 10000000_243804898416488_2807236152043479977_n.mp4
  19. Ok, Please don't take this the wrong way. As you have no other answers perhaps I can offer a few thoughts? The Tasman is not to be taken lightly, and December can be windy. Expect to see 40-60 knots at some stage and you will likely not be disappointed. You may be lucky, but don't count on it. You may be unlucky and see more... Consider before leaving what your heavy weather plan is. I have done the Tasman more than 10 times, including Solo, and over 50000 blue water miles. You say in your ad that you are on your 1st bluewater passage, that's cool, we all have a 1st. Is the boat NZ r
  20. Island Time


    Yes. But I've never bought a return ticket. Just a properly executed letter, it needs to look official, proper vessel stamps and letterheads help. Seafarers do this all the time, replacement crew fly in on one way tickets, but often Airline staff are not used to it. And check in with plenty of time. If you have issues, ask for a supervisor.
  21. Now at waiheke https://i.stuff.co.nz/environment/300941916/invasive-seaweed-detected-at-waiheke-island-divers-to-investigate
  22. Island Time


    You'll need an official letter from the owner/skipper saying you are signing on as crew. Best on letterhead, and stamped with ships stamp. Otherwise airlines can deny boarding...
  23. Found on for you. Very tidy. PM'd you.
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