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  1. Matt from Hurricane Rigging in Wellington is the importer. 027458471 matt@hurricanerigging.co.nz I have put the Grinder 40 onto my 1020 and am loving them. It is so wrong how fast the rope comes out of the winch. The videos do not do it justice. I have just ordered the compacts for the cabin top so will be interesting to see how they go for SSANZ.
  2. No I wasn't allowed to put a 1020 in a 30ft berth :(I am going down on Sat to do a hand over if you are around. No rush I can't see us getting out racing till after Xmas. My number is 0212237620
  3. We bought Strathspey. Hopefully with a bit if work we can get her up to speed Keen to talk about the genoa I'll give a call tomorrow.
  4. Any half decent Farr 1020 sails lying around?? Just bought a 1020 and would like to buy some sails to use for club racing. I have a good set but need something for cheap to use for club stuff.
  5. Thank you all for your replies. Sounds like they might be an interesting option for us. Just need sell Candela now
  6. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between a young 1034 and a young 99??
  7. Chris is a little disappointed but also like the idea of me not betting him not really sure what are going to get yet. Will see what is around if Candela sells. Fingers crossed
  8. It's not the one with the young 88 mast and the centre mounted engine is it??
  9. We have decided it is time for something bigger so Candela has gone on the market. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-m ... 002767.htm If you are interested you can call me on 021 2237620
  10. I have a Volvo MD7A, sail drive and bed, morse cables and lever and prop sitting in my workshop taking up to much space a the moment. It came out about a year ago. Was running fine when we pulled it out. We just decided with all the long trips we had coming up we would put a new motor in. Make an offer
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