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  1. Thanks Jon, I'll be leaving this one. Someone will take it on though, there's blokes in that yard who have been working on their boats for years!
  2. Cheers Steve, good to know.
  3. It's good advice that I know all too well and keep telling myself. Sometimes it just helps to write it down and have it confirmed. Being an idiot, I would probably still give it a go if it wasn't for time constraints. I don't even have time to do the things I must do, let alone the things I'd merely like to do!
  4. Cheers, I'll give it a read.
  5. That looks like it could have been the neighbours house too. Ouch.
  6. As per my post above - all that expensive stuff are unknowns too (except batteries they are definitely poked). This boat is cheap though - £2k to clear the fees and that's it. There isn't that much wiggle room to spend money though, a boat this age in wood is probably 10-15k in good sailing condition in the UK.
  7. Even more unknowns! Engine untested apart from inspection (all batteries dead). Electrical/electronic systems - again look ok but untested. On the plus side this boat was clearly mainly used for inshore racing and is fairly spartan inside so most systems are pretty simple. Rig is ok by inspection but with a broken gooseneck and ideally needs all the halyards replaced. Upper decks ok with one concern - soft about 1cm around some of the windows. Also - it has teak decks which were varnished at some point - seemed a bit odd to me, slippery as hell. Ply underneath the cabin top and deck was
  8. Hi All, A yachts come up locally, very cheap, I have a passing interest in it, however I shouldn't really be acquiring more projects as I'm meant to be getting rid of everything including the house and getting out of here... but you can't help yourself sometimes and I seem to be marooned here. Anyway - this yacht has been on the hard (in UK) for 2 years, getting sold off to cover yard fees. It's taken a big knock before it was hauled 2 years ago, where the black tape is. about foot forward of the bulkhead. Don't know how, but it's either been T boned or smacked something hard in t
  9. Just for interests sake is that a yard in Ngunguru or a home build?
  10. Also take into account the initial breaking wave that took out the windows and washed crew off the deck. That would have put a pretty large amount of water in from the outset. From there freeboard would be reduced and combined with the wave motion and free surface effect, was probably putting the windows below the waterline. Sobering account of the sinking and rescue. Condolences to all affected and much admiration for the Westpac crew and RNZAF.
  11. There's travel cordless smoothie makers out there that charge of a usb cable. Might do the trick.
  12. What do you need to blend? Would a cordless hand blender do the job? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H87JJFM/
  13. For Greece it would be interesting to do a cost comparison between the wear and rear, berthage and running costs in sailing there, or getting it hauled to Italy and going from there.
  14. I can't open that from my mobile. I'll look later. I thought that it would be a downwind assist sail, bit didn't want to make too many assumptions. If I remember from 'we the navigators', he suggested that the voyaging canoe and knowledge had died out fairly early on in NZ, however I think something in that article above suggested Able Tasman had seen double hulled voyaging canoes. I was wondering if the feathers had originally been telltales on claw type sails, but had lived on as a decorative item long after the practical purpose had been lost/made obsolete.
  15. Yep, no idea sorry. It could be that the author allowed it for this use prior to his death. He retired in Aus according to wiki.
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