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  1. gone to junk. Now to buy and install a fridge kit.
  2. alibaba


    Last Time I had a problem I was directed to a small office in Laurie Collins at Westhaven. He seemed to know what he was doing, but whether he is still there after Covid or can do anything, I don't know.
  3. I've just got round to replacing my engine driven fridge with an electric. The compressor was working fine until the seals let all the gas out. I'm about to junk it, but if anyone can use/recycle it or its bits can be used, its yours for pickup. Pickup Bayswater. It'll go to the tip next week.
  4. I can supply some information here, as my son did an experiment as part of a class Science project. He used West System, which is nominally 5:1 ratio of resin to hardener. He then glued standard butt joints together with varying mixes, ranging from 1:1 to 10:1 ratios, and then measured the breaking point of the joints. To my surprise, there was little difference until the ratios were well away from the norm. All joints from 3:1 to 8:1 were of equivalent strength. I think that there is a fair amount of leeway built in for us. Of course, I have no idea how the ratios would pan out over
  5. I replaced my Autohelm masthead bearings for the same problem. If you need new tiny ceramic bearings, Greg at Gofish in Onewa road has them, apparently they are the same as the bearings in some spinning wheels. --- I ruined my first pair of bearings because I lubricated them, it actually slowed them down.
  6. 88 NOrwood road; Bayswater
  7. I have a "new" Manson 35lb anchor. It's new, as in, I have had it sitting in my boat and never used it. It's too heavy for me to use these days, so if you want a new anchor, old style, its yours for 50 bucks and you pick it up.
  8. If you want to assist in eradication, use 'em for bait. I take a bucket of them off my marina berth, then just squeeze them out of the casing , stick on hook. Fish like them!
  9. And I guess if, like most of us at my club, you do your own antifouling, it might be a good idea to take a dated photograph of the newly done antifouling before you go back in the water?
  10. Yes, it's a good copy or v/v, says CEL on it, guess that stands for Chatfield Engineering LTD. Anyway, it's off, and the new one in. Glad Chatfields is still going, they're a good bunch.
  11. Can't answer your question, but.. would be worth a call the harbourmaster. They would be clearly in breach of the local maritime laws if they were discharging this close to land. It's time it buggered off anyway.
  12. Thanks guys - its off, holesaw three quarters of the way and then a sledgehammer did the rest. A couple of marine ply discs will fill it. Everything was epoxied in and hidden. There was not outer flange, they had simply set the bolts in epoxy a la West System.
  13. Hah! You're a hard case! The diameter of the outside flange is nearly 4 inches, 95mm, so I'll try to keep it smaller if I can. It's less to fill and then put a new hull fitting in. Although,in the end I might have to go big.
  14. Thanks - that'll work, but only once I have managed to remove the coach bolts and the outside flange. Then, as you say, bung and hole saw makes it easy.
  15. Hopefully someone has done this before.... The bronze seacock on my Lotus is now 35 years old and is starting to show signs of dezincing- patches of pink and the internal cone is badly pitted. I don't trust it anymore. I've looked up the diagram of how it is put together and the outer flange is held by coachbolts through the hull to the inner flange. it is of course put neatly away in a cupboard under the sink in the toilet, and therefore there is no room to swing a hammer and drift. The tube that goes through the hull may even have been epoxied in place for all I know.. see pic. I r
  16. It made me think about other tragedies when people have got trapped under an upturned boat, and were unable to get out because of their lifejackets. I wonder if we should have a quick release on lifejackets. I know that I would not be able to get out of my lifejacket in a hurry.
  17. I thought that the responsibility for Auckland Harbour moorings/ Auckland Harbourmaster etc had been changed and transferred to Auckland Transport. Is that still the case? If it is, then I guess Auckland Transport is a CCO, and that means there is no control by council effectively. Just curious in case I need to know who to contact?
  18. The trouble with our old friend Rudolf, is that his "repairs" are not good ones, and you would have to do them all again. I have personally seen some of his "major" repairs to a boat which I once owned - an insurance job, and it was done to hide the damage, not fix it. The D28 you mentioned sounds quite a good one with plenty of goodies, and I totally agree with the advice above - better spend a bit more and go sailing, or spend a year and lots of money bringing a project boat up to scratch.
  19. Pretty major stuff, but what a great idea. You CAN have a stern hung rudder AND a walk through transom. Well done
  20. Lotus 9.2 called Tumbleweed. You'll need a ladder, and I'm down there most days to get it out for you. Let me know. Cheers
  21. Not at the moment, but if it is any use, You can use the measurements off mine to construct one. It's on the hard at Devonport.
  22. Pix of the spring, one each side.
  23. Thanks, I'll get a photo of the one I ruined tomorrow- it was blowing too hard to get on today.
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