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  1. Not sure I buy that explanation Wheels. I can buy retrofit, 12V, broad spectrum LED's for my house from Mitre 10 for $4 and there's no noticeable difference with the old filament bulbs.
  2. Possibly better wages than the people who assembled the device you're typing on and who stitched the shirt you're wearing.
  3. Did you ever use that Maxon 12v - 240v inverter with this setup? I ended up giving them all away and never kept one for myself hence I'm interested to know if it was any good?
  4. If that's a litmus test for risk, you'd never drive your car anywhere in New Zealand.
  5. tuffyluffy

    Boat wrap

    7 years sounds pretty good depending on the fine print. As comparison, my white two-pot painted topsides are 7 years old now and have lost their gloss and are starting to look a little shabby.
  6. You can buy it online in you google it. About US$15 a tube plus shipping
  7. I think it all depends. The 3, 80 litre alloy tanks (2 water and 1 diesel) on my boat are all 1982 vintage. We pressure tested them a few years ago and there was nothing wrong with them.
  8. If my mother-in-law was in the car as well, it'd be suicide by provocation.
  9. Good tip, thanks. The crunch of sand always put me off and ruined the whole taste sensation. What kind of sauce does everyone use? We generally use mayo or tom sauce because that's all we carry, but I'm sure there's better alternatives out there. Maybe something a little bit gourmet?
  10. I probably would but only because I have a diesel inboard with twin alternators and twin battery banks hence I've got plenty of good charging backup if it failed. If it was the sole source of charging it'd be a different matter. The AA Solar and RV World panels probably come from the same factory
  11. Westmarine, Amazon etc have them for about US$110.
  12. tuffyluffy


    +1 with Ed, but I use bits of ice cream containers instead of milk bottles - better range of colours.
  13. Couldn't agree more. There's no second chance once the adhesive takes hold and there's definitely a 'knack' to getting it right, especially when there's hull curvature to negotiate.
  14. Assuming my plastic transducers are Airmar (they were Raymarine supplied) and Pettit Vivid antifouling is Ketone based (its definitely not water-based), then I've been painting them for years and never had a problem. Id be very surprised if anyone specifically uses water-based antifoul on their transducers, but I've been wrong before.
  15. Does Westhaven charge you separately for your power consumption, or is it included in your opex/rent?
  16. sigh, if only it had headroom and a dunny
  17. tuffyluffy


    Chuck Taylors. Grippy, cheap, drain and dry fast, protect your toes and don't look stupid with shorts or jeans.
  18. I think the key to any autopilot, irrespective of whether its hydraulic or electric, is to have it permanently mounted below deck. Those tiller mounted rams seem to be only useful and reliable when either motoring or in light winds with minimal seaway. I've been impressed with Raymarines below deck electric ram thats bolted to the rudder stock and course computer with the above deck control head. Its been very reliable and upgrade-able as new technology arrives. I'm not sure of the cost, but I think the whole system is worth about $5-6k? and has some neat functionality (when networked with
  19. I pay about $5,700pa as opex on a 12m berth at Hobsonville Marina. Considering they let me park a 13m boat in it, its a pretty good deal. BTW, its about $4,500 for a 10.5m there
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