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  1. Skinner's never going to live that 1 down is he!
  2. Something looks wrong in div 3 results, truxton 2nd on line? The finish times tell a different story
  3. When you see the boat in the above photo it's hard to imagine what they have been through! That is a seriously small boat and they would have been very exposed out there. After to speaking to someone who crossed the Tasman after the Hobart race and the Weather they faced it is hard to believe that little boat out there. In some ways that man needs a pat on the back but I don't know if I would put my kids through that no matter what the circumstances were!
  4. The stern is high! Was that part of The plan?
  5. With everything that has already happened, can't see this going ETNZ's way!
  6. I'm not an expert but I'm pretty sure a 30hp outboard on a 22? Foot boat would be useless. Have seen a 15hp on a piedy before but that would be about the max. Shane maybe a 10hp or 15hp would be ok if the bracket was up to it but ur boat has a maximum achievable speed no matter how powerful a outboard you put on it, once you reach that speed anymore power will Cause cavitation and you will just be wasting fuel. Go for reliability not power!!!
  7. So are most of the crews back in NZ now? Any race reports or video coming? Would be great to hear how this race was for the sailors!
  8. 146 degrees now, must have pulled the plug and heading home
  9. Itchy Feet must have an issue now, o.6 knots and heading 117 degrees? Any news on this?
  10. How disappointing for those guys! Looks like a great race, everyone making excellent progress north!
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