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    maharg reacted to Bad Kitty in Yammy 15   
    Hard to go past a yammy 15 2 stroke. The small 4 strokes are just too heavy for what they do. But yes the Tohatsu 18 is a great little outboard also, same weight as a 15 but 20% more power!
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    I accepted a quote for a bimini, dodger and infill from someone recommended before in this forum (and this thread) in May 2018. I waited for 4 months and after many calls, was given a number of excuses, only to be finally told that he was "moving away from marine work". It was pretty disappointing to be let down after patiently waiting for so long and so close to summer.
    I ended up going with Calibre Sails in Whangarei (don't let the location put you off, our boat is in Auckland) They measured in a week and I had everything done and side clears a couple of weeks after paying the deposit. I was extremely impressed with their work.
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    maharg reacted to wheels in Sail cleaning DIY   
    Correct with DO NOT USE A CHLORINE BASED BLEACH. Easy to know if a product has a form of Chlorine in it, it smells like chlorine.
     The active ingredient of Spray and Walk away and all those similar names is, Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride or similar themes of that chemical. It is the active ingredient of Dettol. This product is the best if you are wanting to rid the cloth of Algae and Mold. It will not "whiten" the fabric. Percil (spell?), Napisan, Oxyclean. These detergents all have one thing in common, they make Hydrogen Peroxide, which is an oxygenation bleach. Safe to use and will not cause the thread to rot. It will help to remove dirt and grim and dislodge some algae, but does not kill Mold and Algae. It has a "Whitening" affect on the cloth.
    Sail Makers have a non foaming version of this stuff.

    What I do is open the sail out on the ground. Wet the sail with the garden hose and then spray the Wet and Forget over it. Then roll the sail up to stop it drying out. Leave for a few hrs. Open sail out again and rinse. If the sail is clean enough, then dry and fold it up. If you want it cleaner, we down again and liberally sprinkle Percil or similar over, spray on water and use a broom to lightly scrub over the sail. Roll it up wet and leave it a few hrs. Open out and rinse it all down and leave to dry again.
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    It's ironic that I found humour watching hung over dads motoring ashore in the morning, with Spot at the front of the dinghy in controlled exuberance.
    On reflection though, it is the wife that wants the dog, so once trained in the required outboard skills, those mornings on the aft deck may be just that more entertaining! 
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