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  1. Antipodean questions: The yellow cat that is not Tigre, what is that? And since I don't know how sheltered the venue is: How much wind? /Martin
  2. Regarding Ackermann: http://hem.bredband.net/b262106/Boat/acker.html /Martin
  3. Anyone who has actually sailed on a boat with Dyneman (Dynex) nets? A few years ago I visited Afterburner and Bill Gibs on my way from L.A. to S.F. I only experienced Afterburner's Dynema nets in the harbor and only for an hour or so this is just first impressions: They felt too stiff, unforgiving, and the twine was pretty thing. It felt like you could easily hurt yourself, hands, knees... on the nets. Yesterday I saw at least Sodebo seems to have converted to Dynema nets. I guess it makes more sense on a *really* big boat. /Martin
  4. Anything wrong with green PE? http://sealaunay.photoshelter.com/galle ... z4yo.JyVFQ I bought new nets for my cat the other year and was set back some 130 Euro. I bought them from a company supplying fishermen. /Martin (who loves Christophe Launay's wide angle shots, he has a lot on the C-cats btw)
  5. http://www.littleac.com/LITTLE_AMERICAS ... LCOME.html /Martin
  6. interesting read Martin. One thing that I was wondering, perhaps the BB blocks would show a better reading when under a higher load ( i.e. near max working load?) and also perhaps when they are running at high speed? all your tests were low speed tests I would be interested to see how a proper block like the ser 57 Black Magic Harken with needle BB would fair in the tests. Regarding higher load: That is on the wish list but my test set up is not up to it. The loads I have reached covers what you have on the line of a hand-operated tackle (as opposed to winch-operated). Regarding the
  7. Hey guys, you are cheating! Don't you know we are supposed to buy as much brand name HW as possible? But then I am also a sinner. I am known to have built my own blocks and I am not sure ball bearing blocks are really superior to plain bearing bocks. http://hem.bredband.net/b262106/Boat/Blockfriction.pdf /Martin
  8. I take that is 8 mm including the cover. I have up-dated my sketch: /Martin
  9. Follow up question: What is keeping the sail up? Hook? Single/double halyard? What clutch? Single, 8mm non-cover spectra halyard and Spinlock XT (XTS by today's nomenclature) here. The halyard is sleeved for maximum clutch holding power. So far this has worked as intended. /Martin (summer vacation starts today)
  10. I just found another sketch showing what it is all about: I have even included a dashed hull flying water line so you can imagine the possibility of over balance under such conditions. /Martin
  11. Like this? If so it is very similar to what I have but with much more power. /Martin
  12. You might be able to make out the rake of the pivotal axis from the photos on my front page: http://hem.bredband.net/b262106/ Here is a simple sketch: As you see the rudder is vertical but the axis is raked. I chopped the top off the rudder blade many, many years ago so these days it goes as deep as in the sketch. New, deeper blades with a slightly different plan form are on the to-do list since 1997... /Martin
  13. The centre of effort of the foil is 25% of the cord length back from the leading edge and ca. 45% of the depth down from the water surface. This point must be aft of the pivot axis or you will soon loose control. If the centre of effort is too far aft of the pivot axis you will have heavy steering. A rule of thumb number I come across from time to time is CE at 15% behind axis. One word of caution: This rudder will be at an angle to the pivot axis so lower parts of the blade might be over-balanced. During flat water sailing you may not notice but when sailing in a way that results in onl
  14. Too bad, please accept my apologies. No one on the downhaul thing? /Martin
  15. That is one pretty cat. The creator of my old main sail co-owned her for while. /Martin
  16. Hello, How powerful are your mainsail downhaul/Cunninghams? I use 8x and think that is too little. How do you tune it? Same as beach cats? /Martin
  17. Almost burying the lee bow in what looks like pretty benign conditions? /Martin
  18. Your rule says minimum 900 kg unless the boat is less than 8.5 m long. What do your boats actually weigh? /Martin
  19. Proper winter: http://picasaweb.google.com/martin.scho ... 3312707586 Sorry, I couldn't resist. /Martin
  20. The races are shown on the net here: http://bmworacleracing.com/en/news/live ... .type=home and here: http://www.boatson.tv/ and many other places I suspect. /Martin
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