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  1. Just don't sound right.....O2B.........a what? Think outside the box SJB! opuA2B!
  2. Why not miss Auckland out altogether and go Opua to Bluff?
  3. The entry fee will be the cheapest part of doing the race! Getting a weekend warriors boat up to safety category is the expensive part. I wouldn't have thought so, particularly if it's a similar safety spec to that already required by CC, RNI, RNZ... etc. My boat is already essentially in Cat 1/2 having just been offshore, but the race fee would be a big yey/nay point for me.
  4. Remember it's been 18 months in the preparation already, and another 18 months of intensive promotion away from starting. Personally I don't think they'll have that much trouble getting 30 starters for the first race. Will be interesting to see what the cost of entry is though, as they say they want it to be affordable to encourage 'weekend warriors' to take part. Anyone know what the Sydney Hobart costs? And the SSANZ RNZ, for comparison?
  5. I know KM! And one of the comments from a skip who was over, basically to the effect that "it's a long race, so it doesn't matter" sort of makes a mockery of the whole start sequence really. You'd think they would show a bit more professionalism with 350,000 people watching, from the shore alone!
  6. One down... And who said the boats were fragile?
  7. Doesn't receive or transmit. Just dropped out when I was listening one night (right after transmitting successfully), and now all I get is white noise. Have isolated the issue to the radio unit itself, i.e. not the aerial, ground or tuner.
  8. So yeah, the SSB crapped out 3 days out of NZ... And we haven't been able to figure out what's wrong with it yet. Anyone know someone who's good with HF radios who could have a look at it for me? Either in the AKL or BOI areas, or anywhere in between for that matter. Chur.
  9. Outstanding! Will there be a write up? Oh you have no idea......
  10. Funniest story I've read here in a while. Good effort banaari. Now you can handle anything! PS. You won't ever regret the Yamaha.
  11. Storm covers made Bracing fitted to wind generator pole Adjustable tie-down straps for loose gear (home made - had to learn to use sewing machine first!) fitted to bunks Floorboards covered with teak (look sh*t-HOT!) Cleats mounted on stern Transom repaired and painted ready for wind vane steering Strong points for new flexi water tank fitted V-berth bunk modified (so me and Mr BB can sleep 'together' again) BOOM!!!
  12. Finally completed what could well be the longest engine installation in history. Nine months from purchase to commissioning. I could have had a baby by now, and would probably have gone through less pain. Oh yes, and also passed the RYA Yachtmaster shorebased exams on the same day. Now where's the seriously smug emoticon?
  13. Just caught up with this thread and the story on the homepage, and was struck by how well-written it is. Thanks for sharing Alan, and best of luck getting back on the water again.
  14. I think fish go into feeding mode in the shallows after a big blow AC, all those yummy kina smashed up on the rocks are just irresistible to snapper.
  15. OCC race results, photos, news, competitions, specials and other amusing sailing-related gubbins. All ye non-Northland sea-dogs are welcome to come aboard too! http://www.facebook.com/opuacruisingclub
  16. http://www.ashbyboats.co.nz/regulations.htm#fees Liveaboard no bother. Also lived aboard at Half Moon Bay, but it was a bit more expensive than up north.
  17. I spoke to Aquapro about my dinghy falling apart a year or so ago. They said if I could find proof of original purchase (e.g. receipt or letter from retailer) they would fix it, because obviously they're not supposed to do that, and I guess from the comments they have quite a few that are, so they know it's a manufacturing problem. They didn't care about the age. Only problem was mine came with my boat, so no receipt.
  18. Dropped my shiny new Beta 20 in the boat today - FINALLY!!!!!
  19. Emailed Engine Rm to see how far away my new Beta 20 is...
  20. All done, boat went back in on Friday. Scraped it back, blasted it with a heat gun (didn't have time for the full dehumidifier treatment - or a dehumidifier for that matter), soacked 4 coats of everdure in followed by 3 coats of resin, then paint. It aint pretty, but by god it's waterproof!
  21. Hi Wheels, sadly it looks so. Tried to dry out the keel floor and paint over it a couple of years ago (knowing no better as I did at the time) and of course the paint has cracked and peeled, leaving the wood open to moisture again. So this time I am determined to do it properly. Sadly though ethylene glycol seems to have a hard time penetrating epoxy or urethane paints (which of course I painted my bilge with), so I'm going to have to scrape it all off again I think. Plus the wood under the paint is still wet, while the exposed wood has now dried out after a couple of weeks on the hard with he
  22. Thanks Wheels, read some interesting things about it over the weekend. Also interesting to read that those expensive 'penetrating' epoxies (Everdure, CPES, etc) actually don't seem to work as well as plain old bog standard epoxy resin. In case you're interested.... http://www.boatdesign.net/wiki/MaterialsForBoatbuilding#PRESERVING_WOOD_AGAINST_DETERIORATION http://www.angelfire.com/nc3/davecarnell/rot.html http://www.storerboatplans.com/wp/boat-building/materials/plywood/qa-epoxy-preservatives-that-soak-into-the-wood-cpes-everdure/
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