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  1. Does anyone know of a 14 or 15m marina berth to rent, long term or short term in gulf harbour? Private, direct, good tenant ,cash....? If so please message me. Thanks!
  2. Guys - still looking for some local crew - if anyone know of anyone - please call me Thanks Bruce 021754574
  3. Hi Sailors, Im after a real good 2nd hand kite to fit my yacht. ISP - 15.3m SPL - 4.8m Luff - 15.23m Or ther abouts. If anyone knows of a good one - please PM or text me. Many Thanks Bruce 021754574
  4. Well, a real mixed bag of a day for Steve & I on "Forever" Best sail was actually down from Gulf Harbour at 6.30am, when most of the fleet was tucked up in bed! I met Steve on the boat at GH at 6.20am, and we chatted about the risks listening to the forecast - and decieded to at least poke our nose out and see what it was like. We knew to make a 9.05am start we had to leave by 6.30am, especially with an out going tide. We tucked 2 reefs in the main and within a few minutes were in 2-3 meter lumpy easterly swell...but no real wind! As we got away from the headland, the breeze picked up but
  5. Any young keen but very social sailor (s) needed for the GHYC winter series. Experience not always needed - but someone keen to learn - we are willing to teach. Our yacht is a comfortable 40 footer - great to cruise but like to push the old girl round the race track too. If you are on the coast or know anyone on the coast that may be keen - call Bruce on 021 754574. Many Thanks
  6. The guys a plonker. I tried to contact him when building BnG and he dicked me around big time. You would be better to go to local designers who would care more than someone who forgets the little people.....
  7. let me know if you need a near new code zero....have a great North's one with new curler for sale if your interested....would fit a 930 nicely....
  8. Hi Fellow Sailors... Anyone have a 12m + berth at Gulf Harbour that urgently needs renting? Short term or long term ?? Good tenant - have had a boat in GH for nearly 5 years and now upgrading her but need a bigger home. If you have one or know someone please call 021754574 Many Thanks Bruce
  9. You bet we are going up there...weather looking light but good! Pop over and see her when you have a chance. It will be worth the look! Cheers
  10. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing ... =569594636 A modified Ross 830 with serious tweaks by Brett Bake-Well White! This is going to be a great buy for someone....a near new boat, well below replacement cost with the latest enhancements. Bump n Grind is seriously for sale for her first time due to change in family circumstances. She is 4 years young - and in near new condition. BBW designed T Keel, rudder, sail plan and rig. Carbon prod. Irona 10hp Desiel inboard, stereo, Stove, cooler box, VHF, Near NEW square Top main (2011), Near NEW blade headsail (2011), masthead spinnaker, 3/4 s
  11. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= ... 186&type=1 Here you go racers - check out the pic's taken from Atom Ant on Sunday...... AND yes the Ant DID leave the marina ha ! who would have thought.....
  12. Ahem! And who are you referring to? The Ant gets a bit sensitive when the word fat gets used I guess you'd be hoping for around 5 knots of breeze then? The Ant fat?? Might be because she needs a run off the marina mate..... Some people like curves....
  13. you guys should also look at whats happening up at Weiti & GHYC's - with the new B & T series. Cash prizes...and a mixture if some great courses....check out the other threads in this topic or go to the Weiti Boating Club web site for details... www.weiti.co.nz Come on all you townies....this is your chance to chase us around and maybe win some cash....can your sponsors in town better that??
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