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  1. Anyone else thinking of entering? I'm going to chuck my entry in today. What's not to like, free berthage in the viaduct for the weekend, party with a live band right beside the boats (Phil hart I believe), a fun race with hopefully a heap of boats and if it all goes well a real festive raft up party in wynyard quarter reminiscent of the old Sydney hobart and fastnet days where the boats all piled into whatever spot they could fit and rafted 20+boats deep. I think it's a cool concept. Perfect weekend for me as I have sythony in the domain Saturday night (should be a truly epi
  2. That's very sad news he was a great guy. I had no idea he was even sick.
  3. I have heard its a Black 50ft(ish) performance multihull.
  4. Agreed. This one has the potential to be the real deal.
  5. Im guessing that you need to go into a Marina or Q Dock to clear customs and Bio Security so insurance is a legal requirement for that?
  6. Weiti River. The current was ripping.
  7. We were also hit on our mooring by another boat that came loose and sustained some damage. Quite a few boats here with damage. To be honest it was terrifying and very very close to catastrophic for us and many boats around us. We had an H28 wrapped around our bow and slowly going under the boat. I cant believe our mooring held. Luckily the incoming tide slowed down the current after a few hours otherwise it would have likely been much worse. Closest I have ever come to losing my boat I think.
  8. I think I saw you out there on Saturday near gulf harbour. Boat looked good and was sailing fast. Managed to get a few photos.
  9. On all of our bigger cruising boats we have had the pole stored on the mast and was very happy with it. But those were bigger boats with long and heavy poles. You need a track up the mast same length as your spinnaker pole to use that system as tbe pole butt end needs to be pulled up so it's bloody expensive. I think it's unnecessary on any boat under about 42ft. Great for making kids swings though!
  10. West coast for me as well. Wait for a weather window in the Bay of islands or whangaroa and go from there.
  11. The rain has finally stopped for us in the far north. Even a few patches of blue sky appearing. Making the most of the fine spell and departed Mangonui heading to Matai bay and onto the KariKari peninsula. Hopefully the kids can get some beach time and surfing after 5 days of wind and rain. Still keeping a close eye on this next storm but the far north seems to get a fair bit less of it.
  12. Full glass for us up here in Whangaroa now. Heading further north tomorrow.
  13. We are up at Whangaroa. Not too bad up here. A few puffs and plenty of rain but well manageable and has eased right off now. We decided to break up the 5 boat raft up just to be safe and had 18 people on board for dinner and a movie last night. Raft up image from New years and the other one out the back of the boat this evening.
  14. Sold it about 6 months ago. She was a great boat but after a wet windy Easter cruise and being stuck inside a 35ft race boat with 3 boys we decided to stretch ourselves and get a proper cruiser again. Brought this one into NZ from New Caledonia in October.
  15. My one is mounted in a stainless steel cradle on the Pushpit. Pretty nicely tucked out of the way and has a quick release strap around it. If you just need it for a voyage then you are welcome to borrow the cradle as I have taken it off for my summer cruise along with all that other stuff cluttering up the back end of the boat.
  16. Man that was a tough race tactically. I was 2 handed on the Elliott 1050 kick. we had a great result respective to the boats we mix with but it was a small boat race for sure.
  17. Yes absolutely fine to leave on the french flag. We had Noumea yacht services take care of the departure paperwork for us. Our NZ registration was done while we were at sea so we entered NZ under a new name and registration document and that was no problem. Then you have to pay the tax... 5% duty then 15% gst on top of that figure and the boat can't leave opua until that is done. I highly recommend you get a customs broker to take care of the importation.
  18. NZ flag will only take you a few days. I have just gone through the same procedure and arrived in NZ from New Caledonia a few days ago. The hardest part is getting the flag deletion cert from the current registration and you can't get registered anywhere until you have that cert. The NZ authorities also need the cert to be translated into english. But once you have that cert it is only a day or so to be NZ registered. Our boat was registered in France and we waited almost 1 month for the cert and ended up leaving New Caledonia under the old registration and sorted it out once back in NZ.
  19. Completed the deal on this beauty last week, soon to be renamed Rogue 3. She's a 2009 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 44i, fully kitted out with everything you could ever want in an offshore cruising boat- 200L an hour watermaker (+a spare katyden emergency watermaker), washing machine, watt and sea hydrogenerator, hydrovane self steering, bow thruster, electric winches, full lithium battery fit out with a massive solar setup, all new instruments and radar, Satellite coms, furling inner solent jib, Diesel heater, upsized 75hp Yanmar engine with 1890hrs on the clock. Literally fully cocked. She's cu
  20. He's back.... https://www.trademe.co.nz/3726926900
  21. This is what I did to my Marauder transom, very similar to the Lotus 9.2. Made a huge difference to the boat.
  22. Yeah they are bloody legends! What a massive effort. We thought our night was hard after arriving at the weiti river bar at 4:45am and having to anchor and wait 2hrs for the tide. Lovely day for racing. Much lighter than we thought. Lots of reaching on the long course. Nice 5-10kt tactical beat up the inside of corromandel. We opted to make a ballsy call and fo inside all the Islands and were glad to have a few other boats follow us but it paid off. nicely. Beat from durville to flat rock wasn't that pleasant with up to 25kts. Run home was frustrating as we were geared up for the
  23. It is true that he was rescued, I have a friend that knows him well and filled me in on what happened. He kept everything on the downlow for this one I think and from what I was told it wasnt really a rescue as such, he had rudder issues and then took an opportunity to get off the boat onto a passing ship or something. I didnt think he was anywhere near pitcairn island though, would have been well south? On another note I had a really intereting meeting last week with some guys who plan to do a 2 handed world circumnavigation record in a boat uner 20ft (globe 580) next year. Boat is
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