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  1. I saw that video on facebook, looked like a pleasant sail but some creative maths working out the 15kt average over the 360nm. The caption with the video says- After withdrawing from the Auckland to Musket Cove race 2013, Equilibrium had a 360nm Downwind Send to get back to Opua, New Zealand. In 23 to 30 knots of wind with a reefed Mainsail and Frac Zero, the "cruising" orientated Botin-Carkeek 55 hit a peak of 23.7knots, sitting on 20+ for minutes at a time and averaging over 15 knots for the 360nm. I had a look at the tracker and when they turned around they were 290nm from opua and
  2. I am also seriously over the sockpuppets. OC and BTS do you really think eveyone is that dumb to not see your alter egos arguing your point with you when you start to lose your case? Frankly its pathetic.
  3. I think only rod rigging needs to be replaced every 10 years.
  4. Idlerboat, it seems you have quite a bit of experience with this and give good positive information. I have a teak veneer interior in my boat, the varnish is quite old, probably original from 1987 and I would like to tidy it up. The veneer is splitting slightly in some areas that have seen a lot of sun and water but its not too bad yet. What do you think is the best way to tidy it up and what varnish should I use? I have no idea what is on there now but its quite a mat finish which i like, not a glossy fan. What grit sandpaper should I attack it with and how much do I need to sand it ba
  5. Hey Brendan, do you keep the boat right up by the old quarry? I would love to know where the channel is up there, I wanted to take the crew for a tour further up the river on Sunday but when I got down to 1.8m of water with a 1.7m draft and an outgoing tide I bailed. Which side is best? I know the way up as far as my mooring but have only been further by dinghy.
  6. Its mostly just a weight thing, the marauder is probably the lightest of the lot so therefore gets thrown around a bit more. Cave 32 is a lot heavier so perhaps more comfortable. I have a marauder and would take it anywhere is any condition, its a solid, safe boat that handles and performs very well. We got 12kts out of it in flat water with a kite up on sunday. We cruise with 3 kids no problem. Great boat.
  7. Any other smaller sports style boats keen on mixing it with the big boys and doing the longhaul div? Looking at the RNI fleet of mostly bigger boats we might as well line up with them now.
  8. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-m ... 035790.htm a mumm 36 kite. probably perfect for you.
  9. That's because you 'turned' them Max.... You were the last one there....
  10. Here is a shot of our mans hand, I wont say who it was but he on here occasionally so can pipe up if he wants too! You can see the good ship Cordite in the back ground sitting on her winter mooring.
  11. Sorry we missed the race. didnt count on having a beat into 25kts all the way from westhaven. would of been ok if we didnt have to go up the river to pick up the rest of the crew. still made it out for a sail and had a good kite ride hitting our all time high of 12kts on the he marauder! Fantastic to know that she does actually break free and plane eventually.. One of the guys underestimated the power of the mighty Cordite and tore his hand up pretty badly. Still a good day out. Will be overseas for you the next one but will be into it again after that.
  12. This topic has been thrashed on here many times before. Its not a simple case with one right answer as there are so many variables and each boat, program, level, event ect are all so much different. There is no one answer to cover the whole range. Every harbour has many different levels of keelboat racing that go on, NZ is no different except for the fact that we don’t really have much at the top end. There will always be boats that share expenses and have a huge amount of fun, some of them might do well on the race course too. The key factor here is that there really is NO professional yac
  13. Looks like I will be taking the Cordite up as well. A couple of crew short if anyone wants to come. The boat will be living up the Weiti river for winter again so might as well use it!
  14. B00B00

    The good old days

    Sorry guys I just stumbled across this thread now. Im not sure where you can get the DVD's from but I have both the older original cut and the latest updated edit (which was only finished about a month ago) at home. I would be happy to do a viewing of one or both at my place sometime if anyone wants. I have a rather large mancave and projector so we could fit quite a team down there for a viewing. Post here if anyone is interested. I know that doesn't help you in wellington Grant, I will do some investigation into where and when the DVD will be available. As for the boat in the picture
  15. Agree. Its looking pretty lonely for us 2!
  16. Our entry is in for the Pepe.
  17. Stick to your cruising OC.
  18. Wow what a shocker. I have a couple of very good mates who were on that boat. Phil (Blood) Jameson, I was his groomsman, he was my MC at my wedding, went to school together and flatted together for the best part of 10 years. I sure hope it wasn't him..... Its actually gutting to hear that news. Hanging out for more info.
  19. Here the quote = "We will keep trying our best with the A2B." they have given it CAT 2 So I assume she is trying her best to get it CAT 1. if as you suggest she is not suggesting CAT 3. BOO BOO Sally just said they will keep trying their best to organise a good event. well thats how I took it anyway. Sally please confirm. She then agreed that it should be and will be cat 2 but you still keep raving....
  20. B00B00

    Speed Dream

    I reckon the whole speed dream thing is a scam.
  21. OC no one has ever suggested the A2B race should be cat 3. You are ranting, read the posts properly....
  22. B00B00

    Piedy Nats

    Great report too.
  23. To be honest you could say exactly the same thing about every cape, point, channel, strait, headland or coast in NZ. Ive done east cape about 20 times and only had a few nastys. I normally go inside. maybe nastier but like all tide rips its usually for a shorter time.
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