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  1. A hearty congratulations to the sailing community of New Zealand . . a hard-earned and well deserved victory. But next time, would you mind very much improving the TV coverage of the Cup in the US ?? This time around it really sucked majorly.
  2. Has the time also passed for Eastabout ??
  3. Speaking as one who knows nothing . . but since gentlemen never sail to weather and all that . . might it not be easier to go East-About ??
  4. The Fukushima tsunami was much, much bigger than that - nearly 40 meters in a few spots.
  5. Sever Earthquake . . . I just hope a quake never severs your country . . oh wait, it already is.
  6. Disappointing !! Dern !! Watched a Gary Jobson interview on Youtube yesterday. He thinks, based on what he saw in Bermuda, that the Kiwis have been sandbagging.
  7. Respectfully disagree: It is he opposite. With that shift it would be VMG that would be meaningless. VMC is even more important then - tells you the rate to which you are getting to the mark. Someone please correct me if I am mistaken . . . thanks
  8. Right-o, gotcha - but then why do the commentators only talk about VMG ??
  9. This is getting good - keep 'em coming !! So, like Wiki, you would say that VMC stands for "Velocity Made (good on the) Course" ?? (Disclaimer - I do not have a trained eye, nor am I anything more than a recreational sailor.) Esp in Bermuda it surely looked as if ETNZ was sailing both higher upwind, and deeper downwind but the commentators seemed unable to explain it.
  10. OK, so that really is fractally wrong, but I don't want to beat up on Wiki too much. They provide a wealth of good information, and I admire their great volunteer spirit. (I think I owe it to them to give a polite head-up on the VMG thingy. I will do that.) And OK champs, lets help them out. how do YOU define VMG? Can you do it without reference to vectors ? Maybe a simple clear definition is not that easy after all . . From Lake Tahoe Sailing, this is better . . Velocity Made Good is a concept that combines your speed and direction towards a given waypoint to g
  11. A number of my non-sailing friends have asked, "What is velocity made good ??" This short video by Nathan O. does a pretty good job of explaining it. But note that he does not actually define it . . I find that humorous. (Even more humorous from the geniuses at Wiki . . laughably wrong . . "Velocity made good, or VMG, is a term used in sailing, especially in yacht racing, indicating the speed of a sailboat towards (or from) the direction of the wind")
  12. Well, briefly . . it is the thing that gentlemen do not do. And gentle ladies generally concur.
  13. I would totally loan you my stern gland, but it's already at Gleason Stage 3. Sorry for the thread drift !! But don't wait to get it checked !!
  14. All in good fun . . . There are a myriad of sailing dreams out there. Glad Ms. Hill is making her's come true
  15. AJ Oliver

    prada 3

    So did it come down to two bad tacks by LR ??
  16. On a hike back in the day, we encountered a group of bovines in the hills above Blenheim, and a young bull apparently thought that I was flirting with his girlfriends. He was totally ready to go at it. Just lucky I had my magic Kiwi walking stick with me . . or it could have gone South . . . . hey wait, when it goes sideways, do you say North?
  17. Writing as a ferriner here, I'm not sure that $ 200 is enough of a bite. Around here (Sweetwater Seas, US) the going rate for jet ski rentals is about $ 100 NZD's per half hour. It might well be less in Aotearoa.
  18. How many motors (assume outboard) have exposed spark plug wires that can be readily yanked ? Good story anyway though, might even be true.
  19. What AA said. If the more pricey boat has sails that are much better, motor & winches & fittings better, little or no water intrusion . . And is in immediate sail-away condition as opposed to another that "needs a bit of work", it's easily worth $ 10K more.
  20. Another ice boat note - like many other nautical innovations, they were invented in the Netherlands (or possibly the Baltics).
  21. If borders ever open up, we can totally make that happen . . (serious offer) but you'll need the right clothing - when you take off on an iceboat in decent breeze, you'll be up to speed in about five seconds - and the chill index from the apparent wind will instantly feel like minus 20 C Nowadays we softies wear full snow mobile suits with tight helmets - moon boots, big gloves. You'll love it.
  22. that is a true work of art - yes, how about a new thread for it? I'd sign up to crew except for being too grandiose - 6'3" and 210 Imperial pounds of left wing fightin' fury. The story of the original Chasseur - - "One of the most famous of the American privateers, Captain Thomas Boyle sailed Chasseur out of Baltimore's waterfront historic neighborhood of Fells Point, where she had been launched from Thomas Kemp's shipyard in 1812. On his first voyage as master of Chasseur in 1814, Boyle sailed east to the British Isles, where he harassed British shipping and sent a notice t
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