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  1. The instruction sheet says replacement should only be by a qualified watchmaker. Has anyone had a go themselves or have they had a good experience with an Auckland based watchmaker?

    My concern is that if it's not done properly it will always leak.

    8. BATTERY REPLACEMENT The watch and timer battery should be replaced
    by a qualified watchmaker.
    Watch: 1x CR2032 3.0 volt Lithium battery
    Timer: 2x CR2032 3.0 volt Lithium battery



  2. 1 hour ago, ex Elly said:

    HMS Aotearoa arrives tomorrow.  The navy has extended the wharf at Devonport by 50m for it.

    Vessel is 173m long, has 100 bunks, 15 knots speed, 8.4m draft.

    The watermakers can produce 100,000 litres fresh water per day.





    Maybe it could top up Auckland's water supply while it was docked?

  3. On 15/06/2020 at 5:33 PM, Ed said:

    In all seriousness, why not? surely some of your crew could?  I know I did last year

    Alternativly get your crew to car pool and park at Z pier, its only $20 per day and you can buy 4 days at a time.


    Mostly an unreasonable walk from the bus to the pier carrying sailing gear including supplies for the cruise back along with where do they get a bus when we got back at 1am? You could say they should stay on the boat but that the end of the day it's a marina to promote the enjoyment of using the boat. This is becoming less enjoyable when where to park a car is the major consideration.



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  4. I'd be keen to catch up with any Elliott 7 owners in Auckland as I have just bought one and I would be interested in seeing the cabin layout in particular. The cabin on mine is Spartan to say the least.

  5. I remember them very fondly sailing out of Torbay. I have a distant memory of a National Champs with 32 in the fleet maybe early 70's. The top boat in those days I have a recollection was called Spectre. Exciting sailing as a 13 year old and a great way to learn to about being in a crew as opposed to be a solo sailor.

  6. Following a post from the Beach Haven Community Constables Facebook page. Might be a bit old as was dated Sept 8.



    Hi everybody. We have arrested a male yesterday who was observed acting suspiciously around boats moored around Chelsea point and down the harbour towards Greenhithe. When we searched his vehicle we have located 4 outboard motors all between 6 and 10 hp along with a number of copper and brass items off boats. If you own a boat moored on the Beach Haven side of the bridge or you know of someone that does please get them to check the vessel for anything missing. If you have been affected please contact Constable Eugene Burke at the North Shore Policing centre on 09 477 5000

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