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    Lotus 9.2

    There are a couple that have done it along with adding a suger scoop. Kirsten J which was for sale last year and also Tutoko I believe. A cheaper option would be to create a smaller walkthrough in conjunction with a duckboard. Or you could always look for the later Lotus 950 which already has the open transom. The Raven 31 also has an open transom in that size range.
  2. Anyone up for a race around the world in 2024 in a self-righting Mini 5.80? Mini Globe Race 2024 routeLeg One: Europe to Canary Islands followed by a four day stopover, before continuing to a Caribbean port and a seven day stop, and then on to Panama. Approximately 4,700 miles. Leg Two: Panama to The Marquesas Islands, seven day stopover, and then on to Tahiti. Approximately 4,660 miles. Leg Three: Start Tahiti to Tonga. Approximately 1,400 miles. Leg Four: Tonga to Kupang, the capital of the Indonesian province of East Nusa Tenggara. Approximately 3,800 miles. Leg Five: Kupang to Maur
  3. cj!

    Pedal power

    Might need a couple of rear view mirrors.
  4. A possible solution to the housing crisis and abandoned boats. https://unusualplaces.org/equihen-plage-village-of-upside-down-boat-houses/?fbclid=IwAR2jST59iOFGr28Dq9okhw61FRgWPgFzOF9NAwkLcrsB2UJcolG5lXVfoyc
  5. cj!


    When you push the limits.
  6. Reminds me a bit of a grownup Malango 10.88 from idbmarine.
  7. Sounds like they picked up all four then one died. Another is in critical condition but the other two are in moderate condition.
  8. Now, if they could also apply this to roads.
  9. Interesting to note the forecast need for more liveaboard facilities given that a number of marinas no longer allow it including Westhaven.
  10. When you go into https://geomapspublic.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/viewer/index.html you can select a different theme. Choose Environment then in the sidebar select Legend then check the boxes for Marine Moorings and Marine Moorings (with labels). I don't see why they can't put you back where you should have been and relocate those others that they have squeezed in to where you should have rightly been. They should have known from their information that there should have been a mooring there with a boat on it.
  11. cj!

    A new seal

    Here's a Panuku podcast with Gabrielle Goodin - Marine Ranger - Department of Conservation, Maungauika, North Head Office talking about Owha the leopard seal. https://soundcloud.com/acityofneighbourhoods/we-talk-with-gabrielle-goodin-marine-ranger-department-of-conservation
  12. The feedback report is out. https://www.bionet.nz/assets/Uploads/Feedback-report-better-ways-to-stop-marine-pests.pdf Feedback-report-better-ways-to-stop-marine-pests.pdf
  13. Apparently that pricing is with a 50% pre-order discount.
  14. Bifacial solar panels have been around but these are now available as a semi-flexible panel too. Given the amount of light reflected off the water one would assume an increased output over a single sided panel if mounted appropriately and the figures in the brochure seem to back that up. Looks good for mounting on a bare bimini frame or a rear solar arch to get some extra watts from the same available space. http://www.giocosolutions.net/2face-bifacial/ No connection at all but here is their pricing. Pre-order ONLY 1.60 euro per W 115W 184.00 euros + VAT 130W 208.00 euros +
  15. Put the keel in in a hole and it will be deemed not movable and therefore a building, not a vessel and will need to meet the Building Code. Keep it on a trailer and in navigable condition and you're probably golden. Of course, you may still need to consider setbacks and height restrictions. Most councils in NZ, but not all, try and prevent people from using alternative dwelling options to live in as they don't want to upset any ratepayers that disapprove of anything outside their ideas of how things should be. You need to remember that in NZ housing is vehicle for wealth creation, not a ri
  16. Definitely an improvement but having to get Cat 1 still remains an issue for some.
  17. cj!

    Moving to NZ

    I'd forgotten that Fairway Bay allowed liveaboards. They have the cheapest fee for for that too. I thought that Gulf Harbour had stopped allowing liveaboards or has that changed? I also thought Westhaven only allows international visitors as liveaboards these days.
  18. cj!

    Moving to NZ

    You can liveaboard at Pine Harbour, Bayswater and Hobsonville marinas. They have an additional charge for liveaboards. Also, Hobsonville has a limit placed on the number of liveaboards and I believe there is a waitlist to liveaboard at that marina. You can also liveaboard on a mooring but there are waste requirements to be met.
  19. The Ocean Sailing Podcast has just put out an episode with Glenn Ashby. Episode 72: Glenn Ashby from Emirates Team New Zealand - will we see capsizes, 100% foiling and 50 knot speeds in the AC36? https://www.oceansailingpodcast.com/podcast
  20. The same situation as for Jersey registration but Jersey charges £440 for a 10 yr registration. On the plus side, it is VAT free for temporary importation in the UK & EU. There are also a number of people/businesses in Jersey that offer personal representation services for a fee.
  21. Harry Jorgensen Marine can do the cert. $500 plus travel and gst. There may be an additional charge from IIMS of around 120 pounds which is the authorised issuer he is a member of. The certificate is a one off charge unless you make changes to the boat.
  22. As far as I know, it's just Part 1 that has changed.
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