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  1. i would guess that the valuable stuff would be too damaged after going overboard to be worth the trouble.
  2. I love 1020s, but if you're just planning to cruise you're probably paying a premium for class racing that you're not going to use? Or similar might be the way to go.
  3. does the 1020 not have quite a lot more ballast than the 920?
  4. you think? I always felt ours rowed like crap. We gave up and got a hard dinghy, and tow it. But so much depends on if you mean rowing around a calm anchorage, or battling 20 knots to and from your mooring...
  5. missing data makes it hardly worth the zooming adjustment though.
  6. khayyam

    Laser Wanted

    one place you might not be aware to look is the laser association: http://www.nzlaser.org/buy-sell-charter-lasers
  7. khayyam

    Boat Wanted

    Most 727s, at least, are of a very similar vintage -- 30-35 years old. Which isn't to say you shouldn't get one! I don't know anything about the salthouse 25 design, but I have to say that she looks good value if she's really had a recent and thorough refit.
  8. Looking to buy a laser radial sail and bottom section. Sail suitable for club racing, need not be a regatta sail but some shape left. (Akl)
  9. outboard in a well has a lot going for it. not everyone has that option though...
  10. inboards are way better but hideously expensive. outboards are cheaper but have a number of drawbacks. just depends what the benefits are worth to you... we've got an outboard now. i'm looking forward to having an inboard someday.
  11. also milford, depending on what you draw?
  12. khayyam

    LV final

    yeah pretty clear they foiled across to cover, at the expense of sailing lower. virtual eye is slick, too bad it doesn't have VMG!
  13. yikes that looks like it sank quickly. what happened?
  14. khayyam

    Watch the AC

    hopefully we eventually see at least one race close enough for a tight cross!
  15. Devo is ok. Good shelter from the big NE, but ferry wake and SW are annoying. Parking is fine and no problems with dinghy on the sea wall. The best thing is that you only have to go round north head and you're clear of most of the traffic, and coming home you don't have to go all the way up the ditch. I guess panmure has the same advantage but better SW shelter, but it seems a long way if you live on the shore.
  16. khayyam


    Just sikaflex I imagine...
  17. i have to say i'm a bit torn over this one. it certainly would be nice if a reasonable compromise could be found. it's a lot more than 400m to go around, and having lived nearby for 4 months now i still haven't seen a boat going in or out of milford marina...
  18. aside from whether or not it's allowed, anywhere close to the city that's outside of a marina is going to be subject to all the fast ferry/container ship/etc wakes going past at all hours. they can be fairly unpleasant just folding up the sails, much less living aboard. i suppose it depends on what you're used to, though.
  19. are there places other than the marinas where it's actually allowed? i'd always been under the impression that living aboard outside the marinas was illegal, if occasionally tolerated.
  20. that should probably be the motto around here!
  21. left unattended to drift onto the reef???
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