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  1. I don't know. The stuff article certainly implies there was insurance that didn't pay out. But given the prevailing standard of journalism, who knows.
  2. Wonder what the reason for insurance declining payout was. I guess anchoring unattended in matiatia in a blow maybe.
  3. Comedy value aside, I'd think that boat loans are extremely common.
  4. I thought the same. I reckon it's the beam, looks damn narrow, listed at 2.8m. On a modern 40 footer it's what, nearly 4m?
  5. What does a survey cost these days? Wondering if it's worth doing on a 10k boat.
  6. Not terribly surprised. Could have been a bit nasty at times, but the forecast wasn't so bad that people stayed ashore.
  7. In total numbers, sure, but only because there's nobody on the wc. Very different as a rate I'd think.
  8. Combination of claims history and market size I'd think. Lots of past expensive claims means they'd have to be quite careful as to which to take on, and charge high premiums, and small market size means it's not worth the trouble to do so.
  9. There are toilets ashore there, so maybe not.
  10. I guess Izzy is where they went after getting moved on from Karaka? Seems like it must be on the wrong side of the harbourmaster's rules about permanent anchoring.
  11. Yeah I saw those stories. But looks like someone else is perhaps living on it out there?
  12. On a semi-related note, anyone know about Southern Progress (?), big old rusty thing seems to be (semi-)permanently anchored in the same spot at izzy bay?
  13. Pretty close to the worst conditions possible for back of the barrier I'd think. Huge easterly swell and quite a lot of forecast uncertainty. Certainly wouldn't find me back there.
  14. Wow. Bold choice for sure. I guess it's probably ok in there, but if it's not... The storm is definitely tracking further east and looking less scary as a result. Metservice seems reluctant to ease their official forecasts though, compared to what most of the models are showing.
  15. Don't forget all the different keels!
  16. This is a case where I think there's a bit more detail on the electronic chart than the paper one (see the thread about paper charts). Compare with
  17. Hauraki gulf: Northeast swell rising to 4 metres. Significant and hazardous waves expected, with the potential for hazardous rip currents. Mmm lovely.
  18. Interesting, I find the opposite -- the detail available when you zoom in electronically mostly far exceeds what you can get on paper. I agree though that you need to be able to fall back to paper when the electronics give up. But that's more about replacing the gps than the chart itself.
  19. The forecast track has been wobbling back and forth quite a lot. Exactly where and when remains to be seen, but I'd say some swell is a certainty! Was surprised to see how much there already is down at the beach this afternoon.
  20. Seems to be so much worse recently? The ****ers parking on the beach and on the grass in the reserve near us recently... what an entitle bunch of wankers. There's no shortage of narking but getting the council/AT to do any enforcement takes some doing.
  21. Answering my own question. I'm not sure the guide's "rather small" quite covers it.
  22. Restricted by draft or room? RAYC guide just says can get in there draft <1.8m, had been planning to check it out next week.
  23. https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/p/mako-club-hammer-3lb/R1896347.html
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