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Found 4 results

  1. The cherub class is getting together to get some of the old boats back on the water. There is several people in Auckland who are actively looking for a boat as-well as we are trying to identify the location of as many boats as possible. If you know of any boat either for sale or in storage can you please put the info you know about it in the comments below so we can get as many as possible back out sailing. Cheers
  2. echoesof88

    Ross 490

    Hey Crewers, I have a Ross 490 two man dinghy that I have been sitting on for a LONG time, which I have recently ovehauled and intend to get into seriously sailing it. Have noticed that about once every 5 years or so one comes up for sale on trademe, or if someone asks you what boat you have and you respond they come back with "oh i knew a guy who had one of those"... So, in an attempt to bring the Ross 490 community together, and for me to get a gauge on how to set mine up properly, id be dead keen to hear from anyone who owns one. Im based in Blenheim. I have #18 Ile Flottante
  3. Looking for a replacement wheel for the Dinghy Wheel - Yachtsman brand One of the wheels fell off (dodgy split pin) and can't source spares. Cheers Scott
  4. I'm looking at getting an inflatable dinghy as a yacht tender but what should I consider? I figure the collective knowledge and experience here should be able to point me in the right direction. I'm looking for something that can carry at least three people but I can stow on the foredeck of a 9.5m yacht and be able to drag up the beach and launch single-handed so not crazy heavy or large. I'm tending to an alloy RIB but I'm open to suggestions given a good reason. I don't have an unlimited budget so second-hand is also an option. What should I avoid and what should I look for?
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